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Painful ankle


Painful ankle.

Hello, I'm new to this site . I have been running for awhile now and was getting hopefully fitter for a 69year old. Then the ankle has becomes painful. This has happened twice now and is a worry. Strange thing is I can still walk fast without pain until I encounter an incline ,then it's very painful. Condition wears off after a day or two. Has anybody out there had this strange (to me ) condition of walking fine ,running painful?

Today it feels fine but I won't risk it yet as on Sat I'm attempting a park run.

Don't want to bother GP with this.

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Bother your GP.

That's what they are there for.

It is impossible for anyone to give a precise diagnosis on the forum and the majority of us are not medically qualified. Our standard advice for any niggle that persists is to get professional advice.

To minimise impact slow down, do not overstride and make sure that your shoes are appropriate.......the best way of doing that is to have a gait analysis done at a specialist running shop.

Resting up is obviously the first recourse.

Have you read the guide to the plan


Maybe some help here..


Very well done with the running. I agree with Ianodatruffe - absolutely bother your GP! My daughter is a young doctor, she hates it when people “don’t bother her “and wait until the problem is worse than it needed to be. If you get some good advice now you might prevent a much worse injury. Good luck! 😄

Thanks to all for the helpful information.


IannodaTruffe has given you some great advice:) Hope this sorts :)


Yeah I have. If you go up a steep slope you can get your ankle at too acute an angle, and with your body weight on it you can hurt it. I’ve done this and it can take some weeks to heal

Your ankles will get stronger Though! We can get all sorts of niggles initially but they usually disappear as we get stronger with each session 💪😃

Walking and running are two different things. You don’t realise quite how much until you get hurt, and you wonder why you can walk but not run

Hopefully you will be ok shortly 👍

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