Sore ankle bone

Did run 3 week 5 yesterday, again, yaaay! But now I have a new problem. My right ankle bone is sore, and a bit swollen. It doesn't hurt massively, it kind of gets to a peak and then holds there, whilst I'm running, and just walking around, it doesn't hurt. I googled it and it could possibly be the peroneal tendon, although it's the bump of the bone that's puffed up and sore to touch, and not underneath where the tendon seems to go. I'm icing and warming it, but my question is, does anyone have any ideas or tips as to why it's doing it - how am I running to making it hurt, overpronating, underpronating, too much heel, too much ball of foot? Cos there's no point in getting it better if I'm just going to do it all over again. Thanks. I'm enjoying this running lark too much to want to keep stopping and restarting all the time with injuries


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8 Replies

  • New runners niggle probably. I got quite a few swollen ankle issues and found it made no real difference if i rested it. I concluded i just had puffy ankles so after icing, resting, anti inflamm pills, i just kept running, got stronger and my niggly ankle disappeared.

    You could try a gentle run out and see how it goes

    Doing some other exercise to get as fit as possible to support your running legs is a good idea, swimming, cycling keep fit etc

  • Thanks for your reply. Ok, so I'll keep going. I don't want to keep restarting. I have some naproxen, so I'll take that, its supposed to last longer than ibuprofen

  • It's notoriously difficult to diagnose other people's pains over the internet, so a lot of it is up to you. I'd say that if it's actually inflamed, then you should rest and let the inflamation do what it does best. On the other hand, if it is just aches, then you might be able to run through it. Sorry, I realise this doesn't help much.

  • I realise this Tomas, but I just wondered if anyone had come across a similar thing. I don't have any faith in going to the dr., she will of course say RICE it, but I need more information pertaining to running which she probably won't have

  • If you do take an anti-inflamm pain killer do so the very last thing at night before turning in to sleep as they only work when your muscles are relaxed

  • Hadn't thought of that misswobble. But nsaids need to be taken with food.

  • Could it have anything to do with your shoes? If you look at them there is a little raised bit that sits just below the ankle bone. Perhaps that is digging into your ankle. If it's not actually painful then I would run gently and see how you get on.

  • I did think of that, but it doesn't seem to be, not my running shoes nor my day shoes. I'll try week 6 run 1 on Saturday and see how it is

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