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Running more than walking!! (week 4)

I have just completed week 4 run 1. Yet again didn't think I would be able to do the jump from one week to the next. But decided to trust the programme & listen to the husband that these steps are as much about psychological strength as physical strength. :P

Took the husband with me for moral support this time (so I didn't stop when I wasn't supposed to). Not so sure I like his comments - he thought he was encouraging me when he said the 5 min runs were easy - I certainly didn't find them easy :o

I got a stitch on the 1st 5 minute run despite having a drink before I went out but managed the final 2 runs without stitch because I slowed a little (running up a slight incline helped to slow me).

I met lots of joggers this morning and thought it won't be long before I'm in their gang! Hope runs 2 & 3 are OK without moral support. I don't feel quite as elated as I did after finishing week 3 run 1 but I'm pretty pleased that I'm running more than I'm walking now. :D

Think I may just trot off to a sports shop for some new kit - a rain coat wouldn't go amiss and I'd like to have gait analysis (is this useful?)

Thanks for all blogs - it helps to keep me going. :)

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Well done you. I also found the five minute runs hard. I thought I was going to keel over on the last stretch, but what a feeling when you finish. :-D You are building on each week Helen, trust the programme and any time you feel you are struggling, slow down a little it really does help. Just remember it's not a race and you can build up speed later.

Good luck with your next run. :-)


Well done Helen, I completed Run 3 of week 3 this morning, I can't wait until next week to be like you say running more than walking! but also very worried that I won't be able to keep going for 5 minutes. Like you though I will trust the programme. All the best for the rest of the week. ??


Hi I have also just finished wk 4 run 1. I am suffering from a burning arch so am off to Glasgow on Monday to have my gait analysed and new trainers. Will be running again on Monday hope I can repeat the run again good luck to you too. I run on a treadmill am terrified of running outside :( maybe one day.


Go get your new running gear, you've earnt it.

To be running more than walking is an important milestone.Worth celebrating with some new trainers, which will then act as further motivation... Amazing how different your feet feel with the right sort of shoes.

Have a good week 4 runs 2 and 3.


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