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Just completed W5R3 yippee - and discovered the formula for success!

Having consulted widely with subject matter experts on the optimum conditions for successful completion of Week 5, my attention was drawn to the following formula:

h * r^3 / (q^4*s^6 * (1+q^2*s^4/r^2)^(r^2/(2*s^2)) * (r^2/s^2 - 1)*(r^2/s^2 - 2)*(r^2/s^2 - 3))

* (3 * (1 + q^2*s^4/r^2)^(r^2/(2*s^2)) * (2 + q^2*s^4/r^2 * (r^2/s^2 - 2) * (r^2/s^2 - 3))

- 6 * (1 + q^2*s^4/r^2)^1.5 * cos((r^2/s^2 - 3)*atan(q*s^2/r))

- 6 * q*s^2/r*(1 + q^2*s^4/r^2)*(r^2/s^2 - 3) * sin((r^2/s^2 - 2)*atan(q*s^2/r)))

where q = (x-center)

A brisk canter through the formula highlights the following conclusions:

a. Running with a Parson Russell terrier is fine, however, attempting the same feat with a Parson Russell Terrier and a Labradoodle is asking for trouble.

b. Speeding cars + icy puddles = freezing legs and a few expletives under what's left of your breath!

c. Laura + forum encouragement = Week 5 done + a fighting chance of completing the programme.

Thanks to you all!

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Ah! Congrats, envy you! Heading into Week 5 next. I cannot fathom how I can even consider running 20 mins continuously. I struggled thru the first 2 days of Week 4, but slowed down to complete W4R3 today. Counting on Laura to help me thru the daunting Week 5.

Values of h, r, q, s and x please :0


Hahaha love your blog. Well done for completing week5, an absolutely brilliant feeling isn't it!

Good luck for week 6. See ya there. :-)


Glad to see you completed W5 too. At this rate, we might actually graduate some day! :)


A few weeks ago that almost sounded impossible, but now I think it might just happen. :-)


You're well onto the home run now. You just need to work out your dog combination! I've heard of a labradoodle before, but not a Parson Russell terrier. Very exotic!


B) speeding cars and puddles: it was a grey jaguar XJ6 for me and the expletives were definitely NOT under my breath.


Conclusion c) Laura + forum encouragement is THE secret. Conclusions a) and b) mere details.



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