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This could take much longer than I thought ;(

I 'ran' for the bus today and it was more of a limping/hobble thing, I was wearing flat ankle boots, but looks like I really am on hold now for c25k. I have my sports massage tomorrow so I'll see what he says. There's still a niggle above my knee though. Oh well looks like I'm going to be back at week 1 at this rate. Ho hum...

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Never give up though! You're still blogging - that has to count for something! Hope the sports massage goes well.


I know greenlegs, who would have thought one little sprain could put me out of action for so long. I did read in the beginning that quad strains can take from 3 weeks to 3 months, hope that's not me!

Enjoy your running :))


Sorry to hear you are injured. Keep up as much exercise as possible and try strengthening the bits that don't work as you need them to. We are all new to this running and I think it a shock to the system. I have had ankle and knee issues throughout the programme, but I ran 9r1 last night and it got better and better. The ache today was a kind of poised gazelle feeling, so I have found if you can work through the issues it is so well worth it and you will get there.

Honestly, the latter part of this programme has gone well for me, but if I had blogged at the start .... Damn! It would have been a different story.

All the best. Do it gradually, strengthen your body and I am sure you will be back on track in no time.


Thanks shinjin. I've re- started this programme a few times, (cue violins)! I finally got rid of shin splints and then the quad strain came along. I must say the 'bridge exercise' doesn't half hurt where it should (the posterior)!!

Good for you, you're nearly there and glad your ankle and knees are getting better.



Oh, Susie, my heart goes out to you! I really hope the sports massage can help, but although it's difficult, better to pause c25k for a short while than not be able to carry on at all. I know you know this but it's still a b*gger.

As greenlegs says, though, keep blogging and checking in on us all - keep us on track :)

All the best,

Annie x


Oh thanks Anniemurph, that's so kind of you. Just back from sports massage and basically have to strengthen, strengthen those quads. He said see how I feel in five days, but the swelling's gone down so all good.

Susie x



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