My Graduation Speech

Wow, this is so unexpected. Just a few short weeks ago I could scarcely run and now I am running for 30 minutes. During week 1 my wife commented that I would give up after 2 or 3 weeks like I have done previously when attempting to run. Well, during the last week she was pleasantly surprised and commented on the muscle definition showing up on my couch to 5k legs!

This is 10 weeks (one off due to illness) of a victory at least once per week. The thrill of finishing W1R1 and thinking "that was hard but I can do this". Running past a primary school during lunch hour and having 50 school children run along the playground cheering and shouting was a definite highlight.

The greatest part of this achievement is knowing that so many other people have shared or will soon share in this great feeling. Its not an elite group, its a group of down to earth people who have encouraged me with their posts, advice and fellow strugglings.

It is just a little green box, but I can't wait to see it!


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  • Amazing!! You deserve to feel extremely proud of yourself. I will take inspiration from your success, to keep plodding on. Nice to see you're a fellow Scot too! It's not all deep fried Mars bars up here is it?

  • Well done CouchtoKiltLegs. I LOVE your username. Have a large family contingent in Scotland myself so it gives me an extra smile. I'm miles behind you at the end of Wk 2 and sidelined by illness at that so I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed bY the thought of long runs but I'm hoping my running mojo will come back when I feel better. In the meantime posts like yours are great. What are your running plans now? Surely a celebratory deep fried Mars ;-) ;-)?

  • .... is in order, that should have finished.

  • I managed a celebratory banana and a good ol glass of water. It is my turn to cook tonight so a celebratory meal is in order. Wifey also suggested I take a picture of my legs now as I may fall off the wagon and this might be the best they ever look! Such confidence! Thanks for the nice comments and to all those north of the wall, Gie it laldy!

  • ooooohhh and I cant wait to see the green badge against your name either!!

    and a well deserved badge it is. done us and the program proud couchtokiltlegs

    I think you should give us a treat with a piccie of your defined legs though ;-)

    hope you keep blogging as to your continued running challenges

    best wishes

    ali x

  • Def need a picture of the real Scottish kilt legs!!!! Well done, it's such a fantastic feeling to get the graduation :-)

    Onwards to the next goal, CouchtoKiltLegs, time to show your other half this program is not just 9 weeks but a life change! :-)

  • congratulations - ceilidh dancing nearly as exhausting as running with Laura I think

  • Well done! Lap of honour and then on to the next goal, eh? Have you got any plans?

  • Fantastic kiltlegs and many congratulations to you!! :) Bet those legs are looking well bonnie now ;)

    I just love the vision of those kiddies running with you - wow!

    Welcome to the Grad Club and enjoy your celebrations tonight!!


  • Fantastic job well done. I hope you have you a wonderful celebratory evening, and that you keep going and going onwards and upwards.

  • Congratulations, KiltLegs! All the best as you continue with your 30 minute runs or progress to whatever you wish to do next.

  • Amazing speech, thanks kiltlegs and congratkiltations :)

  • Yes, that was a darn good speech kiltlegs! Congratulations on completing your starting journey - onward and upward now...

    I loved the bit about running past the playground - that sounds wonderful! :)

  • Thanks for all the kind words :) Sounds like I shall have to change my profile picture to a kilty one! I have put the 5k+ stepping stone, speed and stamina podcasts on my mp3 player and I will be giving that a go next weekend.

    So now I am BSc25K. If I complete the 5k+ I guess then i will be MSc25k.

  • CONGRATULATIONS Graduate! Wear that badge with pride!! :-) Gayle

  • Wow, you have 50 school children groupies, how cool. :D Congratulations on your graduation! That "little green box" is a badge of honor, wear it proudly.

  • Well done!

  • Fantastic - congratulations on your graduation! Looking forward to seeing that little green badge - oh, and a piccie of the kilt legs, of course :)

  • Well done you. Onward, ever onward!

  • Congratulations and looking forward to the kilt legs picture :)

  • Fantastic and well done....I can't wait for the little green box :) What are youi going to do next??

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