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A Positive Step!!

I'm 23 and over 2 stone overweight and in desperate need to lose weight and get fit and healthy. Have a gym membership I dot use because I have no idea what to do at the gym. So downloaded the podcast and completed my first run yesterday. Thought it was really good and surprised I could complete it.

I'm hoping to run 5K for race for life in July and lose the weight along the way. Here's to staying on track :-)

Wish me luck.

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Good on you! I am in the same boat as you and recently joined the new, hi-tech local gym. I was terrified on my first visit (even the front door was space age modern!) I was convinced everyone woul be looking at me in disgust because I genuinely hadnt got a clue what I was doing, but no-one bats an eyelid! Dont let the gym buffs make you feel inadequate, they dont care so neither shoud you :) I am starting the C25K tonight in my space age gym, do you have any tips on treadmill useage or are you doing it outside?


Welcome, both of you!!!!!! C25K will work indoors or outdoors. The most important part of the program is just getting the courage to start! From the moment you lace those trainers and take that first are a runner! :-) Just go slow, don't worry about are concentrating on building stamina during the program. Speed will eventually build as fitness does. Also, the days of runs, try to be intentional with food/drink, making sure you are properly hydrated before a run. If you are using a treadmill, some people like to place it at a small incline to mimic more of outdoor running. Wishing you two well! Gayle


I neglected to mention, you may not see a huge weight loss as you expect. Some people lose, others don't on the scale, but you WILL tone and see a difference in clothing. Using myself as an example: I still want to lose scale weight, but 6 months into running, I am the same weight or a few pounds heavier then starting C25K. I have lost in clothing sizes though.


LoubyLouu - im running outside and I believe its quite different to the dreadmill (sorry, treadmill ;-)

my suggestion - have a look at the questions/tags thingy on this site and see what others have put.

hope helps.

good luck for tonight! positive thoughts and let us all know how you got on.

ali :-)


Good for you for starting and very well done for completing your first run. :-) I won't tell you they are all easy but you build on each weeks runs. :-)

Good luck for your next run. :-)


definitely a big step in the right direction!!!

well done you for taking it and may you keep going.

as others will doubtless reiterate, dont go too fast and be positive. you will have bad runs but we put them behind us quick, especially with all the lovely support on here :-)

dont forget to let us all know how you're getting on.

keep running!!

ali :-)


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