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Running in Oz

Week3 Run 2 completed BUT in contrast to most of you, I am running in the heat in Melbourne (it has been 30+ degrees for over 10 days now). Looking forward to some cooler days. I also have a friend in Canada who is doing the c25k and we have agreed to "run around the world" and virtually meet up somewhere. We've calculated this could take us 6 years, so we've decided that as well as virtually meeting up, we'll do it in person too!

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That sounds like quite a challenge! Good luck to you both & hope you have fun getting there. :-)


crikey!!! get you ralphie!

certainly very different to running over here at the moment - ice and wind in your face!

good plan with your friend too! imagine stepping it up to Marathons all over the world!! ;-)

keep running rolphie - you're doing great

ali :-)


Well done! Can you bottle some of that heat and ship to the USA? ;-) We are having snow/ice/wind and bitter cold right now. Our Summers are extremely hot and drought like, so I can sympathize with you. The virtual run sounds like fun and a great way to stay motivated! Gayle


I know the feeling. I'm running in the Middle East in temperatures ranging from 24-30+. I always need to carry water. Trying to get out earlier when it's a little cooler but slightly worried about summer here when it's 30+ during the night and 40-50 during the day!!


Week3 Run 3 completed. As well as "running around the world" to meet my Canadian friend, I also have another motivation for c25K. I have registered to do a fun run in Melbourne to raise money for breast cancer research. Last year I was diagnosed with breast cancer at age 40 (ralphie is my dog's name - I'm actually female :) ). After a mastectomy, chemo and radiation therapy I'm on the road to recovery and decided to get fit and so I registered for the fun run in Melbourne in May. Hence c25k

p.s it was a little cooler tonight thankfully


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