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My holiday with Laura in Oz


Remember me - the boring old fat C25K graduate who was heading off for a break in Adelaide? Well, Laura and myself went out for our first run this morning. When we were driving to Edinburgh airport on Saturday, the sleet was falling and the temperature was about 3 degrees. Today it was 6c at home. When I set off for my first Adelaide run at 9am, it was 25 degrees!

That was bad ... However, keeping to the shady side of the street helped. The good news was that because the city is on the side of a hill, my first mile or so was downhill, and really easy. The smell of the Eucalyptus trees was heady, and at one point a pair of parakeets flew past me. This, I thought, was something special. At the bottom of the hill, headed along the flat to the park and completed mile 2 with no real problems.

Of course this sense of paradise couldn't last, could it? And neither it could. Remember the downhill? Well, if you remember the film 'Bullitt' and that long downhill in San Fransisco? You guessed it - imagine trying to run that in the uphill direction - that's kind of what was facing me. See the photo to get some idea ... So, after a smooth 2.5 miles, it was a case of stopping to walk uphill. However, at the top, turned left and picked up the pace for a half mile. By this time, Laura had finished her turn as a DJ and had left me on my own. Thanks very much - I bring you all this way and this is how you repay me?

End of the flat, turn right - damn, it's uphill again. Almost there, need to turn right again. This time it was a genuine 45 degree incline all then way to base. Did I run it? DID I RUN IT? Of course not. If I had been wearing some crampons, it would have been easier. However, I did manage to drag myself to the door before collapsing in a heap.

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Oh, it's brilliant to hear from you! What an experience, and I can picture it all. I laughed out loud about collapsing in a heap!

(I can't see a picture though?)



Hi Thanks for the encouragement. I thought I could upload a pic but couldn't. I'll set up a web page shortly and post links. I must warn you that they msy contain scenes of not just a boring fat old bloke, but an extremely sweaty, boring & fat old bloke. The parakeets were pretty cool though!

MalcyGraduate in reply to Malcy

photos now available at and

beware the boring fat old git in the lemon shirt ... this photo should be rated 18 !


So funny!!!

Hope you and Laura get to know the routes a bit better and that you have a fab time in Oz :)


How nice to hear about your adventure. Look forward to the new routes updates, well done on your unforgettable runs/visit . Have a truly fab time :)


Maybe Laura was a little jet-lagged and led you astray? ;-) Enjoy your time in Sunny Oz.


Wow, hope you're having a great time in oz :)


Go you!!!! Have fun in Oz, JEALOUS!!!! :)


Well done that man; I look forward to running in 25deg heat, not least because it's persisting down here and has been all day. Have a great time.


Well done and welcome to Australia.

MalcyGraduate in reply to kerryjoy

Thanks - It has been great so far. Thankfully, hardly a trace of jet lag. But that hill up to where I'm staying with friends at Stonyfell ... younreally should do something about that (:->)

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