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Arthritis or running injury?

I've had mildvarthritis in my knees and hip for about 3 years, since starting the c25k I have notice virtually none of the pain I was having previously until wk6 run 3 last week when My knees gave me some pain when going up the stairs after my run and niggled for the rest of the day, so I gave myself 2 rest days and started wk 7 yesterday. I completed dispite being able to feel my knees felt 'weak' as I thought I was just trying to find an excuse to bottle out: I didn't have any pain while running but again do so when climbing the stairs or bending my knees.

Should I continue running if there is no pain while doing so? Is there any point in going to the Dr's ? Any suggestions welcome

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We are not medical experts, but, it does sound as if the longer runs could be causing a few problems. Try these exercises;

If there is no pain, you may feel you want to carry on.. ( we never run through pain); try to relax and try also to land lightly. I call it kissing the ground with your feet:)

Make sure you warm up really well and do stretch well after each and every run.

If the problem is still there, a Sports Physio' would be your next best port of call.

Well done anyway and I hope this helps:)

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Thank you, I will look into seeing a sports physio

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I have mild arthritis in my knees and use kinesiology tape (got mine at home bargains) I started using after week 2 as knees were feeling iffy. I have now graduated and still use it but don't strap with as much tape now and no problems 10 weeks in 😉


I have never heard of it but will do some research, thanks


When you see athletes with coloured tape on their legs etc, that's what it is 😉


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