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Week2 run1 -I did it- I think!

I was brave and took advice!

I slowed down - brisk walk of 5km an hour- up to a jog at 7km an hour.

It felt a bit slow though as I did 8 last week- but thought it best.

I have not got my iPod holder so no podcast. I got it a bit wrong and am not sure what to do next time now.

I walked for 90 secs and then ran for 90 and I alternated this for 35 mins as it did not feel too bad.

What should I do next time- what I did today or the plan??

Also I want to go a bit faster as it felt too slow- is that ok too??

Well done to all you fab folk- I so want to catch you up :)

Justine x

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I'd go back to the plan if possible, but that's maybe just me liking to have clear instructions to follow! ;) As for speed, there's no 'right' number - if you could manage to hold a conversation but not sing, then you're working at the right level. If you think you could manage a bit faster, you could always do the first couple of runs at today's pace, then speed up slightly for the last few and see how you feel. If at the end you still feel you could have gone quicker, then try the quicker speed from the start of the next run.


Sound advice from RainbowC. :) Well done - you're getting on well.


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