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Starting a THIRD time...Week 1 COMPLETED!!!!


Haven't blogged in ages (but have been reading blog posts and staying inspired)! This is my third time starting Couchto5K...had an ankle fracture that derailed me...then illness...then the care of both my Mom and Mom-in-Law uprooted my life and running. But now...I'm back!

Got through Week 1 OK...although breathing is a slight problem, but I'm concentrating on that to help me with my future stamina. I did develop an inner left thigh cramping the next day after my third run...not sure why...but looking up why that happens seems to have a multitude of opinions on the reasons for this cramping and how to prevent it. I'm keeping all this in mind to prevent it from happening again, if possible.

Have also had to alternate between running outdoors and using the treadmill...hoping the treadmill isn't going to be a problem (it's so different than running outside).

Anyway, want to stay connected by blogging as it really keeps me committed to running.

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Third time lucky, then. You'll gain so much and is so many ways. Sounds like you've had it tough, but your decision to get running again is the right one. All the best for Week 2.

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I'm truly hoping the third time is the charm! Thanks for the encouragement.

go you! week 1 is tricky for a lot of people. i'm told that if you keep the incline on the treadmill at 1 or 2% it simulates the wind resistance and stuff of running outside. i run at 1% incline on the treadmill now, though i started at o or .5. lots of people on the site use treadmills and they can be nice, particularly once you find the speed and incline settings you like. good luck with week 2!


Welcome back Lolly! The third times a charm! :-) Happy to read you have recovered from the ankle injury. Very well done in trying to get back to C25K. As a former caregiver to parents, I know how difficult it is to put yourself first instead of others. Wishing you a very successful C25K experience! :-) Gayle

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Thanks so much! I LOVE this community and the positive encouragement! I want that "Graduate" pin and I'm going to get it!

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You will. It's not easy but it's obvious to me that you know that and embrace the challenge.

It's embracing the challenge that got me through it because there's nothing about the actual runs that I enjoy.


Oh and much respect!

I doubt I'd be able to keep going given the trials you've faced.


Very, very well done for persevering, I'm sure lots of others would have given up. So many people say Week 1 is the worst, so you have done the hardest bit now. Very best wishes for success in the rest of the programme.

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