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Week 1 all done = very proud :) Week 2 on the way = very scared :(

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Week 1 is all done!! I do feel very good and pleased with myself. However, I am beyond worried about the next step. I know it is only an extra 30 seconds, but in my head it seems like a blooming marathon. I just so want to be able to do it. Someone tell me to get a grip and go for it!!!

I think you are all marvellous - gonna read some posts and be inspired!!!

Justine x

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Get a grip and go for it! :-)

Seriously, you've done the hard part in starting. Don't worry about what's ahead, just take it slowly and you'll be fine. Listen to Laura, she won't let you down and there's plenty of help and encouragement to be had on here.

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Yup. Listen to Laura! Get a grip and go for it. :)

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Get a grip & go for it, Justine: you'll be amazed just how easy it is.

This is a fantastic fitness plan, each increase virtually unnoticeable and words cannot express the way you'll feel once you complete each run. As Annie above says, you've already overcome the worst part: getting geared up mentally to start c25k.

Just one thing, ignore Laura when she tells you to land heel first in the podcast.

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greenlegsGraduate in reply to con-brio

And one more thing - remember to go sloooooow! Every time you need to run a bit further, make sure you start out slow and it will be much easier. :)

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The hardest was the 1st 60 seconds in week1. It's always a bit challenging but it's always doable and you'll love yourself afterwards.

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Thank you!!! Roll on Tuesday!!! :) x

Good luck with week 2. It's only 6 runs as opposed to 8 in week one (it helped me to count down the runs). I ignored the tip Laura gives about breathing as well as the heel strike tip. I would also recommend that you plan your route. My 1st week 2 run saw me struggling uphill that I hadn't planned for. Keep going :)

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I found w1 harder than w2 so don't worry about it! I haven't managed to breathe how Laura recommends, think I'd pass out. The heel strike landing tip just gave me a tight calf too so I've ditched that for the time being. Good luck with w2, it's not as bad as you think! :-)

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