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on my way week 2 started


at nearly 19 stone and 5ft 6 something had to change

I joined a gym just over a 2 months ago

so unfit i couldn't do more than 1 mins on a cross trainer

have been very strict and been going 4 times a week and watching my food/calories

this month after some improvements they asked me to set a short term challenge,i said i'd like to be able to do a run/jog

they then put me onto this site c25k

started the c25k last week

it was tough,bloody tough but did it, the best part was the feeling that i completed the challenge

had shin pains rest of legs ok

struggled with the last 90 seconds yesterday was really really blowing..going to be a tough week

no shin pain,but calves sore today,lots of stretching

going to blog my journey so i can keep motivated/ look back

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Well done leejay !! I am just a couple of weeks ahead of you , and I know I couldn't have got this far without the support of Laura and this forum. The idea of me running for 5 mins scared me at the beginning , but as I am told as i'm running 'You CAN do it' provided that you follow the advice and slowly build up (by following this app) , look forward to reading your blogs in the coming weeks , and once again well done :-)


Welcome and well done on starting this programme.

As someone who had gotten very obese and who also hadnt run for about 35 years before starting weightwatchers in August 2011 and then this programme last December I can promise it works!

I couldn't run for my train last December but now I have morphed into someone who just can't wait to run 3/4 times a week for fun!

I can't praise it enough!

thanks for the support

its bloody hard but i'm so looking forward to prove some people wrong and get fit


Well done for starting, and don't worry, you can do this! Keep coming here for lots of support and understanding, and keep blogging so that we all know how you're doing.


Well done, hope you're really proud of yourself. Keep at it you will be amazed at your progress.


Well done you. I'm only on week 4 - but already I can feel massive improvements in my overall fitness. Good luck!

again many thanks for your kind words its really appreciated

got run2 week2 tomorrow morning at the gym

will post back tomorrow night

do any of you guys/girls keep an eye on your heart rate at all when running?

another run down phew

slowed down slightly and made it ok

legs are really starting to ache all over badly

going to have a 2 day rest before i attempt another run

w2run3 blog

1. leg pain whilst running but i ain't stoppin. maybe i should of stopped cause i can hardly walk

2. apparently i have shin splints in my lower posterior muscles :(

my goodness i'm in serious pain

now physio said i should leave the running until i recover completely and use the crosstrainer/static bike to keep my stamina up and then restart at week 2

gutted is an understatement

well back again on week 4 run 1

found it quite easy in all honesty,the cross trainer has definitely helped with stamina,and the

2 day leg rest between runs seem to be doing the trick

just looked at week 5 and there is a 20min run in there!now that's going to be tough

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