Bring on Week 5

Picked a lousy day for W4R3 - 2 degrees C and icy rain but the dogs and I went anyway and we all got back in one piece without too much strain. De-robing on getting back to the house was less easy; muddy paw prints and mud from trainers everywhere. Looks like I'll be in the dog house myself for a while!

Oh well - ready to start week 5 and just wanted to say a big thank you to all of you ....... your support is most welcome .... you're absolute stars!

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  • Love the picture! I haven't tried running with my dog - a greyhound, so maybe not a good move! Good luck with week 5.

  • Aw, your dog picture is awesome! I tried running with my dog once and she just ran around me barking before giving up and lying down in the shade, ending that brief experiment.

    I hope the weather gets better soon and good luck for week 5 :)

  • Well done on completing week 4, its such a rush isn't it? :-) I can't believe I am seeing snow flakes this morning, so glad I did week 4 run 3 yesterday. :-) Run 1 of week 5 is tomorrow though and the weather does not get in my way either.

    I tried running with my dog too but she tends to stop suddenly and almost wrenches my arm out of the socket. LOL

    Good luck with your next run!

  • Good luck with Week 5 - gulp .......... we're going in!

  • Thanks. I know scary isn't it, but also very exciting. LOL

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