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Week 7 run 2... and back on track!

So I was doing great, flying through the programme and hitting 5k after week 6. Then it happened. My first "bad" run. Week 7 run 1 did not go well at all. Really struggled with fatigue and I even had to stop and walk for a minute or so near the end.

That was Tuesday and I have been really busy with work the last few days and needing a lot of sleep and just not up to running at all. Decided on a rest for a few days. Was a bit concerned about going out this morning, but I felt a lot better and so went for a few laps of the woods next to my house in the mud. Managed 4.5k in 26 minutes so was delighted to be back on track after a few days.

So I would say to anyone, don't worry about a bad run as it will come. And don't worry about taking a few days off if your body needs it. It was the right thing to do for me and I have bounced straight back in where I left off.

Good luck all!

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You're mojo is back! Totally agree with the extended rest. I often leave 2 clear days between the longer runs and I dont think there is anything wrong with that. You know your body better than anyone. Im worried about injury because you hear so much of it so....anyway, this week was the hardest for me too. It took me 5 runs to complete it :-( Bit of a mind shift now you are not doing the intervals any more but I have to say that now if I stop in the longer runs, its terrible! You really do just want to keep going and going till the end. Think its amazing you have already hit the 5k distance - lots of us I think dont get anywhere near that.


I think you did the right thing - as I do longer runs I often take a few days between them. Also, when you factor in busy work days or not eating properly for whatever reason, you just get tired. You're spot on though - don't worry about it, but get back out there and enjoy! Best of luck for the rest of the programme - not long to go now :)


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