This tortoise managed 10.17 miles non stop!

I was nit speedy..took me 2hr 5 mins! But what an achievement!!! it's 4 weeks to go until my HM and am starting to feel confident that I will be able to get round on the day. Not had a chance to look at my stats yet but average pace was similar to last weeks and today I did an extra mile and a half so quite happy with that.

The first 6 miles was tough as 4 of them were up a long steady incline but have to say I did enjoy the last few miles and think I could have gone on a bit further :). The smile I had as I ran down my road to the end was as big and as bright as other major milestones on the journey...20 mins non stop, 30 mins, 5k, 10k and 5 miles. Whoop whoop :) :)

Of out to meet friends for lunch later...I think I deserve some chips!!!

Happy running!!!

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  • Brilliant, well done ! I hope I can do as well tomorrow :-)

  • Good luck for tomorrow

  • Oh we'll done Ali!

    Have been following everyone's blogs and think you're doing grand!

    Have some chips for me :)

  • I could do with the chips now rather than in a couple of hours.

  • Yes, an exceptional day for you! Wish I was up there with you - it's success stories like yours that keep me motivated and wanting to do more & more. (Even though my body would prefer me to do less and less (:->)

    Keep up the good work, and enjoy those chips. Ooooh chips. I remember chips. And salt. And the tang of vinegar. Right, that does it. Where's the nearest chippie!

  • My mouth is watering

  • Fantastic! Especially with a large part of it uphill. You are right to be proud of the achievement and should be more than ready to tackle the HM next month.

  • Brilliant work - that's such a long run! The half sounds well within your grasp now.

    Mmmm chips!

  • Well done - running non-stop for over 2 hours, that is truly amazing! Enjoy those chips.

  • Fantastic!! You sound like you are back on track & ready for this HM - chips are carbs so go for it with a clear conscience. :-)

  • I did! They were very nice.

  • well done Ali. definately ready for your challenge now. I overheard several people whilst lining up for mine that said that they'd only managed 8miles before the big day so Id say you were well & truly ready. bet you still grinning :) & so you should be :)

  • I am still smiling despite the achey legs this morning :)

  • Ali, I'm so happy for you!!!! :-) I can feel you smiling through your blog!!! This is great stuff! I say have the chips plus a beer or two-to celebrate! ;-) Gayle

  • Had a couple of Vinos to celebrate!

  • Well done Ali, wow over 2hrs of running. That is incredible!! Good luck for the HM x

  • Thanks

  • Just looked at my stats from my Garmin and had to share . Here is the link not sure if that will really pleased as the last 3 miles of the were my fastest....I may just have 2hr 30 HM in me yet.

  • Well done that's a great achievement!

    Tried to look at your stats but Garmin won't let me!

    Viki :-)

  • Hope you enjoyed the chips! That was a great run and puts you in a good place for the Half. Well done.

  • I certainly did! Thanks, I am defiantly feeling more confident now :)

  • Great news, glad you're starting to believe in yourself again. You can do it :D

  • Only just seen this... Well done Ali! Hope you've had a good week x Not long to go now :O

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