Non stop sneezing after running!

Over the last few weeks,as my title suggests, I've been sneezing really badly after running and have no idea why. I posted on Facebook and a few friends said it may be leaf mould or something. Where I run is absolutely heaving with trees which are obviously shedding their leaves and it's very damp as well.

I put some Vaseline around my nostrils today just to see if it made a difference and it seems to have done.

Has anyone else had anything like this? Bearing in mind I'm out walking about 10km a day as my dog walking job it seems a bit odd that it's started now but of course I'm breathing everything in faster.

Did wk 4 run2 today and it went really well. Hope everyone is ok?

Barbara xx


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8 Replies

  • My friend's son suffers from asthma and is particularly prone to it in late Oct/November when the mould spores from all the mushrooms/toadstools are floating about. Not sure if relevant to where you live (we are heathland/woods here) but thought I would mention it. Vaseline up the nose sounds like a good preventative though - genius!

    Hope you can find out what sparks the sneezing off.

  • Yes Slookie, where I run the second half is a trail through woodland type place with loads of mushrooms and toadstools and millions of leaves so leaf mould and spores galore. It seems to have helped yesterday so will carry on until the snow arrives!! Thank you xx

  • Interesting, I guess you will be breathing faster & harder when running so likely to ingest more spores, etc. sounds like you may have found the trick with the Vaseline, hope the sneezing reduces! X

  • Some mean friends have decided I'm allergic to running apparently but they won't stop me. Thanks MarlyParly xx

  • Aww they are such teasers! Don't they know you are a c25ker??? We never give up! Happy running even with some sneezes! X

  • They're only jealous because I got off the couch :)) xx

  • I had non-stop sneezing after a couple of my runs. It didn't occur to me that it could be spores. I thought it was because I had a cold germ lurking somewhere in the background which normally my system was fighting but because the run had slightly depleted my immune system the sneezing was the result. It only lasted the afternoon and was gone the next day. That was just my theory at the time.

  • I thought the same when it happened the first time. I was thinking I was getting rid of some nasty toxins or something but now it's happened almost every time I've been out and then is gone the next day it's definitely not a cold. I must be a bit weird!! :)

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