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Scared .. nearing the end, what next?

I know this has been asked in other places but I am worried I will lapse if I don't think about it now!

I have just started Week 8, and actually go on holiday for 2 weeks the week after next for two weeks, so feel I am entering a danger zone. I am not very good at running and seem to do better following a podcast or similar ... something to tell me when to start and when to stop ... and how to progress.

Ideas anyone?

Thanks x

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Never fear, amsjo! You can download 5k+ podcasts from the website to build up your strength, stamina and speed. It's Laura that guides you through and you can use them for ages until you're ready to start your 10k training! :) I've been using them for 3 or 4 months since I graduated and I've got my time for 5k down to 31 mins (I'd like to do it in 30 mins) then I'm going to build up my distance very slowly and gradually. Good luck for graduation. :)


Thanks for that oona ... I had looked at that ...It seems to have three bits to it ... do you just rotate them?

Hopeyou get the 5k in 30 minutes soon :)


I like to do one of each in a week. It means that one of your runs is only 18 mins (speed - intervals) which suits if you're short of time. The stamina one is 35 mins which means that as you get stronger and faster you cover a larger distance! At least that's the theory! :)


after c25k I used my own music but occasionally I struggled so went back & listened to lauras week 8 & week 9 podcasts to give me that motivational voice in my ear. I also used these to build my up my running time so I would do my 5min walk without any music then start the podcast & run to the warm up walk. this adds at least 5mins to the time without you really thinking about it. & llike oona says, the 5k+ podcasts are there to help aswell & build up strength, etc.

good luck & enjoy your hols. x


Thanks for that .. do I need to pick certain songs? are some better for running than others?

Have thought about repeating week 8 and 9 may keep that in as well if I start to slip :)


Have you found a 5k race/event to sign up for? I'm going to do the Race for Life in June - which is a good way off yet, but knowing it's there as a target is helpful. Meanwhile my aim is to keep running 3 times a week (and to do the 5x50 challenge in April/May - though I'll be doing 30 minutes of exercise a day, rather than a 5k a day!) and to do some parkruns - first one done today.

I haven't yet tried the podcasts, although I've downloaded them, as I've found I prefer running without music, as I like hearing the birds, and enjoying my surroundings as a distraction - the music put me off! I'm roughly using the training principle of one shorter session of faster work, one medium session at a good pace, and a longer, slower run every week. Very roughly.

But most of all, I'm enjoying running. I thought I needed the structure and direction, but actually I'm enjoying the variety, and flexibility more, which is a surprise. Having other recent graduates on here to share stuff with is a great help of course - and parkrun seems to have got into my blood fast too!

Make sure you take your running stuff on holiday - new scenery could really motivate you, and maybe don't worry about times or distances, just use running as a different way to explore?

Don't panic!


Thanks for that Greenlegs ... may look in parkruns once I can get near 5K but don't think I would like anything with too many people ie race for life. I know this sounds really weird (and is not like me at all) but I don't want to run for charity, and I cannot explain why(I have done alot of charity work so cannot figure out why I feel this way with running) I feel it is for me... but maybe that is me being scared as running is so new to me :)

Will take the running stuff on holiday, but going to Washing DC with the kids so where as at home my husband and I leave them to go for a run (they are 17 and 14) i'm just a little uncomfy doing this and running in a strange place ...but hoping to try when and were I can. Would love to do a graduate run around the monuments :)

Thanks for all the support and advice greenlegs.. you have really helped me get this far :)

Happy running x


You're very welcome! :)

I think I do get the 'not running for charity' thing actually - although I am doing a Race for Life, I must admit I'd actually prefer not to be doing it for sponsorship (I hate asking people to sponsor me, even for such a good cause), but I signed up for it because it seemed more manageable at the time than a parkrun, because I know lots of people walk it, plus I'd done it before with a group, so I knew what to expect. I really don't like things with loads of people, but somehow I managed that.

But the real reason for doing it is for my own fitness, which I sort of feel a bit guilty about (to the extent that when i signed up, I didn't tick the 'fitness' box, but the 'to raise money' box, which wasn't entirely honest!) Interesting to think this through! I suppose you could always do a Race for Life and sponsor yourself, and think of it as paying for the chance to get yourself fit!!

For the 5x50 challenge, I'm not getting sponsors, it's just for my fitness.


I am really impressed that you are doing it for charity :) I find it hard enough to do the 28 minutes at present and have to be focused .. think even now cannot run with anyone but my hubby and if anyone I knew watched think I may fall to bit! Which I think is why I want to keep it for myself .. but good luck in your run :D


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