W9r2, only 1 more to go!?

Did W9r2 and I'm so glad I went out just before 6am so I got the whole run done in the dry. I hate the extreme tiredness of the first 10 minutes. They were excrutiatingly tiring and I'd chosen the sloping path (must check out the gradient!)I ran up the lane and thought I might not make it. It's a real hurdle. I long to start and feel that I'm going to do it! I went on to the canal path and thank goodness the swan family were all on the water because they gave me dirty looks which made me go a bit faster! The path has been used by cyclists and I got some twinges in one knee as I had to almost hop-scotch over alot of the path because they've muddied it and sadly, I don't think I'll be using it until we've had some dry weather!! If I could, I'd take lots of garden canes with me and plant them all along the path to stop them. I have to admit that I've been thinking about getting a bike, in which case, these comments won't be relevant! Well, only 1 more run to go, God willing! Please keep your fingers crossed for me!


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  • Well done on almost completing the plan, only one more run to go and you'll graduate !! I've just done W5R1, didn't find it too bad but am not looking forward to R3. I see you mentioned that the first 10mins are knackering, I noticed today that I felt better on the 3rd 5 min run than I did on the 1st or 2nd !! Mind you I was ready to stop at the end of the 5 mins but it messes my mind up, I figure I should be getting more tired rather than finding it easier ?!?!

    Good luck for the final run, let us know how you get on ;-)

  • Perhaps you're just getting fitter Ca66ie99!

  • Well done.Hope my run 2W9 tomorrow goes well hopefully we will be graduates by Saturday.:-)

  • Well done stayinbed, almost there. Looking forward to hearing all about your graduation run!

  • Hope you're thinking of a name change, stayinbed- something more suitable for a graduate! Cycling sounds a great idea, look forward to hearing how you are using the towpathin future both to run and cycle on.! Enjoy your running! :)

  • I'll change my name if you change yours! Are you happier swimming? I'm certainly happier in bed!!!!!!

  • I'll always be happier swimming since I use it as a way of cooling down, doing my stretches and relaxing after running. 1k swim is my reward for every 5k run! :)

  • Do you go to a gym? Silly question really. I get bored swimming so I really think I'm meant to be sitting back on the couch!!!

  • yes, I use a gym treadmill to run on unless the ground is really soft at the park. I'm 61 and trying to protect joints and muscles but need some weight-bearing exercise since swimming isn't. I swim 3 different strokes so I don't get bored and I only do it for about 40 minutes. I walk from gym to pool because they're at opposite ends of the town so by the time I've finished my sessions and walked home I'm fit for the couch! Then, of course, the grandchildren come home from school and want me to swim, cycle or play football- funny how I can't interest them in running!

  • sounds as if you're very busy! Grandchildren are great for fitness aren't they!

  • Sooo close. Can't wait to hear about the next run.

  • Not long now, the anticipation. Good Luck :-)

  • Thanks Phil72. I'll be glad when it's over!!!

  • Nearly there, Stayinbed! (agree you need a name change if you get out at 6 a.m.) Well done for pushing on through the tiredness. 1 run left!!

  • Wish it was all over though! Hang on, what do I mean 'all over'? It's only just beginning!!

  • Thanks everyone! I'm starting to get nervous now. How silly is that?!! Shall be checking the weather forecast as, although I don't mind getting wet once I'm out, I really don't want to have to start in the rain!

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