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Weighwatcher members - are you really hungry since starting C25K?

Background - since Easter I have lost 4 stone by attending WW. I've come down from 35 pro points a day to 27 currently and I'm now on Week 8 of C25K. I've been very committed to the WW program and have managed perfectly fine on the number of points allocated, but since I've started the longer runs on the program I'm finding that I'm really (and I mean really!!) hungry, especially in the late afternoon/early evening and am eating more than my points each day. Last week I ate all my 49 extras (and still lost 3 1/2 pounds)! I've been tracking my walking/running but have not yet used the extra points.

I was wondering if I should be changing to a more running friendly diet (not abandoning WW, but choosing different foods to now ) to give me more energy and stave off the hunger plans and wondered if others have experienced something similar and how they have dealt with it? I've also been very tired, falling asleep at all times of the day (even when driving two weeks ago....)!

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If you track all your activity points you'll have more propoints to trade. I wouldn't feel too bad about eating a lot after exercise as long as it's healthy stuff, maybe try filling and healthy foods. Congrats about doing so well on WW and getting to week 8. xx


I'm on a different diet (Tescodiets). I've been feeling hungier since week 6/7. I re-assessed my activity level this week and i can now have an extra hundred calories per day.

The more active you are the more calories you burn, and if your body "thinks" output is exceeding input by too much it holds on to those fat stores.

Week 7 onwards is all running to extra calories are needed.


I'm not trying to lose weight thankfully but I have noticed that I've been really hungry for the past week (week 7) oddly not so much on the running days but more the rest days. I would say it's your body trying to tell you something and you should listen to it. Just try to go for healthier food and snacks maybe.


You sound like me. Just over 3 stone since May on WW - am also down to 27pp. I started running during the summer and am just about to finish week 7. To be honest though I don't find I'm hungrier. I RARELY use my weekly points, NEVER use my activity points, and although I probably shouldn't I usually end up with 1-4 pp left at the end of the day. I'm not hungry so I'm not going to eat extra points just to use them up. I don't do ANY snacks though - just eat at meal times.


Well done on your progress on the weight and running fronts, but your body is telling you what to do - eat (at least some) of your AP! (When I used to do WW online I used to get a little slap on the wrist for losing 3.5 lbs in a week as WW emphasises a steady healthy rate of weight loss so much these days :-)

Please also go talk to your GP about feeling tired, there are several reasons this might be happening, I dont think the extra running in week 8 should cause you to feel like that.


Hey, I've been told that you may need to eat more than just your daily pp when increasing your exercise.

You have the weeklies available, so use them if you don't already.

Also I've been told by a fellow runner recently to eat more protein after your runs, especially longer runs (think he meant more than5k), which should help repair your muscles.

I agree with the others. Listen to your body. If you feel hungry, and not thirsty, eat more. Bulk up Your foods with filling and healthy foods with extra protein, and keep at it

I've found that running has helped change my shape more than help with the weightloss (also on ww), however, I've not been the best ww this year, but running has definitely helped prevent putting weight on this year!

Keep at itxx


I think I'm going to make up some zero pointed soup to have on standby instead of the Rich Tea biscuits I've used this week! I've used about 39 of my weeklies on "real food", I don't snack between meals and so far haven't used my activity points. And so far I've lost about 2lb this week (weigh day is Thursday)

I'm going to look into sport nutrition and see where I can change my food intake to stave off the hunger, tiredness and cold whilst staying within the WW program as I still have another four stone to lose! Thanks for all your advice xx

When I get back from holiday, if the tiredness and the cold hasn't changed I will go to see my doctor


I am sure in WW propoints fruit in free points, can you try having a bit bowl of fruit salad after a run. and as lizziej says you must don't forget to include all those excercise points too.


veg or fruit will fill the hole, but your body is craving the extra calories its burned off though. I'd go for something like a banana which is slow burn and will keep your energy levels up for a while, but otherwise I'd stick more with veg than fruit, as there are a lot of calories (sugar) in fruit if you are eating large quantities. My diabetic nephew bounces off the walls if he eats an apple when his blood sugar is normal or a bit high, that treat is only for when it's low

I usually eat a banana 20-30 minutes before my run, which keeps me going. I'm not familiar with weight watchers points, so I don't know how much a banana uses up, but from week 7 onwards you will easily burn this and more. If I'm really hungry, I have a tracker bar afterwards, but only one and only if I have quite a while to go until the next meal. To counter the extra hunger I've started to bulk out my meals with a good salad or some raw veg, including peppers and raw sugar snap peas as I'm doing a lot of other exercise to make me hungry too, some Zumba, squash, cycling and 2 x yoga a week, the latter really helps to recover from the running and everything else, by the way.


All fruit is "free" on WW, though of course they still have calories :). Most veg is free as well, except potatoes, peas, sweet corn and avocado - so veg loading is fine. The usual carb loading that runners do just doesn't work for a slimmer as I only have 60gms of rice or pasta in a meal. However, I do need to understand nutrition more and will be looking into it further over the next couple of weeks. Thanks for all your advice :-))


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