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Pacemaker to Taskmaster

I started this running malarky on my own, but was soon joined by my OH Angus, I always knew he'd be better at this than me, but he was great (to start with), keeping me from running too fast for myself.

But now - he's turned into the personal trainer from hell. We did wk 7 r1 last night, he kept the pace fairly steady, but towards the end he upped the pace - nearly killed me - but I did it!!

Actually, we did Wk6 r3 again, the week 7 podcast had vanished from my phone, I didn't dare suggest I go and download it - Angus hates technology, particularly my iphone with all it's apps! He has to have a phone, but his choice is a rubberised thing that he can bounce or drop in water and he has tested it!!

I track our runs on endomondo, he says he's not interested in the times but if I don't say anything he always asks.

On my last blog I mentioned that I have a groin strain, caused by a fall whilst walking my dogs, and was hoping to get some physio, well I have been this morning for the second time and I think we may have a breakthrough, not sure it's good, evidently my hips don't sit into the socket in a normal way!

There is nothing to be done about this, other than strengthening the muscles around that area, it's something I've got to cope with. Strangely enough the running is less of a problem than walking, sadly I can't run everywhere, although as I was delayed this morning I had to run part of the way to the clinic. My physio was very amused by this.

Part of my exercise plan is to practice....walking! I've got to slow it down, pull in my core muscles, lengthen my spine, look straight ahead, not at the floor, oh, and remember to breathe! I found this quite difficult on my walk home.

But I am allowed to carry on running!

So, must remember to re-load wk7 for Friday, or my personal trainer will get ratty with me - again.

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Ha ha! :D Love this! Angus the taskmaster and technophobe!! ;) He means well, bless him!

So now you have learnt to run, its time to learn to walk....brilliant! I hope it works for you Frida.

Now go upload W7..... or you will be told to go do some fast laps as punishment :) Have fun!



Actually, just come back into my office and saw your reply - thanks, I'd already forgotten about wk 7. I'll do it now!


(Frida's my dog, not the one in the picture, that's Harley, my other one)


Oops sorry Jane, didnt mean to call you after your dog!!! ;)


my husband keeps threatening to join me and I keep putting him off - this is exactly why! I'm terrified he'll outpace me with his bloody long legs and make me feel slow and crap. So sorry you're not running, sounds annoying, maybe you could bike alongside him telling him to go faster and let him know what it feels like?


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