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Week 5 run 2- for the big one!!

I quite suprised myself last night and actually enjoyed my two 8 minute runs!

Not bad for someone 5 stone over weight and recovering from Achilles tendon surgery!

Someone came over to chat to me on the treadmill whilst I was doing the first run, I was amazed that I managed to hold a conversation , Couldn't have managed that at the start.Did get a little worried that I would miss Laura telling me to walk and thought I may run to much, but luckily I was ok.Took advice from people and slowed my run from 7km to 6.8 on the treadmill and found it easier.

So last week I was dreading the 20 min run,now I say 'bring it on'................

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Wow that is a hell of an achievement, well done you. I have one run left of week 4 then on to week 5 and I am looking forward to it. :-) Good luck with your next run.


Good luck for the biggie. :) It sounds as though you are well on your way now!


Well done. Hope it goes well. I run on the treadmill too. i start W5R1 in Friday :-)


Thanks guys, just completed the 20 mins, and yes this programme really works.I don't feel tired at all.Even my tendons are ok, I always finish my session on the power plates to give my legs a massage


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