Week 5 Run 2 completed this morning

And perfect timing to boot.

As I was finishing my stretching down regimen, I felt a few drops of water in th air. Not quite drizzle but well there were droplets, and storm clouds gathering.

Fifteen minutes later as I opened the window post shower, the heavens and indeed opened.... :)

Week 5 Run 3 tomorrow..... Though I may do a slow ten km run/walk session to build up stamina and burn a few calories...

See how my legs feel tomorrow


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13 Replies

  • Good stuff! Rain is ok to run in. It refreshes you ☺

    Walking is a great thing! Aim to fit in as much as possible

  • I agree about rain being refreshing, especially on a warm/hot sunny day....

  • Walking is great... well done you... we just learn to love the rain don't we ? :)

  • Almost covered 5km in the run as well.......

    but then i do jog in the 5 minute warm up.....


  • Well done... you are clearly having a great time...

  • Congratulations.

    Are you really going to do W5R3 the day after W5R2?

    That is highly inadvisable and could easily lead to injury. I have read some of your other posts and realise you have run before, but if you are only a few months into your running career I would advise caution and preserve your rest days.

  • Hi Ian

    thanks for your concern and I do have rest days. But my work schedule is such that I often have a couple of (enforced) rest days in the week. So Like to use the weekends to run on both days and possibly catch up!

  • Well done for completing W5R2, I agree with Ian but understand why you want to run the following day, I've had similar thoughts because of home life and heavy work schedule but declined that idea rest days are important it'll help you to recover and also helps when you'll have the longer run intervals.

    There is no rule how you run the c25k podcast that's one great thing I like about it, You can run at your own pace and complete it on your own time. You can have 2-3 rest days and it won't affect your run.

    W5R3's run is a big step up if I remember correctly you will be running for a solid 20 minutes non stop so resting after the W5R2 would help you to complete it.

    You are just up the road from me, I have many times walk from Friern Barnet Road going down to Colney Hatch Lane up to Muswell Hill BDY. You are lucky, I got caught in the heavy rain this morning running the W2R2 but I wasn't going to stop same reason as you heavy work schedule if I didn't fit today in It'll be Tuesday before I can run. I'm doing the c25k podcast again and run in the little park near me.

    I wish you all the best with the podcast and please do come and share your experience or if you need tips, advice and support we'll be there.


  • Evening Josepha

    And thanks for your reply.

    I am aware that rest days are essential. But I have ran most weekends on both days with little obvious ill-effect. Last weekend, my Sunday run was even better than the Saturday run albeit marginally.

    The forecast is also good...


  • That's great if you are able to run two days in a row still be careful, I'm hoping to run for 30 minutes at least five days a week in the near future once I've finished the c25k revisited.

    Yes the weather looks good for tomorrow and the rest of the week keeping fingers crossed.


  • Enjoy

  • App Run

    All, I have mentioned this else where on these forums yesterday, buy I am using the app rather than the podcasts. For the cost of less than a pint of fine ale, the app helps me to record my performance and the like. And not to have to download the podcasts.

    Not sure I'd know how to do it on my Iphone.

    Anyway on the app (downloaded from NHS couch to 5k page) differs it seems from this point on. Week5 Run 3 is not a 20 minute run, that is week7 run 1. Rather W5D3 is two 8 minute runs with a 5 minute walk in between.


  • Well just did it...

    in the 31 minutes I covered about 4.4km. Ran for 13 minutes before a 5 minute walk and then ran the remainder.

    Here is the endomondo log


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