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Week 5 Run 2 completed

Now I can feel the nerves jangling, as I prepare for the big one!

It was about this time last February that I gave up with Laura and decided to do my own thing. After managing to hobble a half marathon in May, I've decided to do it by the book this time, to keep the weight off and the fitness up long term.

I may have changed my mind after run 3 n Sunday...

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You'll be fine :) It really is a mental challenge and Laura has already set you up to be able to physically do it. Week 5 Run 2 was by far my worst one out of the whole plan, I really don't know how I managed the 2nd eight minutes and was left feeling quite ill and with my head pulsing! In comparison, Week 5 Run 3 was a lot better for me. I think part of it is that the first 5-10 minutes of every run are the worst (I'm still finding that even now that I've graduated), so once you are past that, you get into an easier rhythm. Good luck and go for it :)


Thanks! I definitely agree that there is a mental block at the 10-12 minute stage. I was feeling fine today, until about halfway through the second 8 minutes, then I kept thinking about how long was left. I'm sure there was at least five minutes running after the point Laura told me 60 seconds left


I'm preparing for it myself, there's some good advice here:


Ah now you are teasing me, my W2R2 is tomorrow and i too will feel ill..

Congrats on the run.



I must admit, so far I've found week 2 hardest of all, probably due to my body discovering muscles it never knew were there. It's amazing how quickly you progress in fitness over the weeks and I'm sure within a couple of months, we'll all be celebrating our graduations.

I almost enjoy my runs now... Almost


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