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Wk6/R3 or Wk7/R1 ?

I have been running every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday until last weekend when I missed my Wk6/R3 on Saturday through a stomach bug. Fully recovered I ran tonight and it was brilliant, even managed to finish with a flourish as requested by Laura. My question is as the run felt so good and all week 7 is the same (run for 25mins) should I count tonight as wk6/r3 or w7/r1 or should try and fit another 25 min run in during the week?

By the way.... Laura said I was a runner.... I feel fantastic, cant believe its me actually doing it!!

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Hi Margo. Glad to see you are still running! I'm about to do week 7 run 1 this morning, so we are still going at the same pace!! I'm guessing that if you feel comfortable with the 25 minute runs, and have done at least three, then it's ok to move on. However,for myself, I will definitely be doing the 4 lots of 25 mins before moving on.

Good luck, and yes, the being told you are now a runner really blew me away too.


Thanks Petal, Im loving it.. my weight is moving, Im moving.. life is good

Good luck this morning, let us know how you get on


Hi Margo... I did think the same, but needed all 4 runs as after two good 25 minute runs my 3rd one was just really hard to do. I have just done the 4th one and it was much better. Perhaps see how you feel after your 3rd 25 minute run?

Happy running :)


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