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Out of the game now...

Feeling a bit fed up. After graduating on 18th Feb and sticking rigidly to the C25K plan I then started on the post 5k podcasts - so did the speed session on the wednesday. Foolishly (No one told me!) I ran on grass and hurt my ankle/foot a bit, but it wasn't too bad so I did another 30 min run on the friday and it hurt a bit afterwards but eased off and then a slow steady 35 min run on the Sunday - at which point my sore ankle said 'you are a fool trying to run through this and I am protesting and going on strike!'

So I have now not run (or ridden my horse!) since then. 9 days ago. This means a week and 2 days without running or riding AND I missed my big horse show (£70 entry, no refundable even with gp note!!) so feeling a bit fed up.

I am hugely impatient so went to physio on friday gone (day 5 of injury) and she advises I have aggrevated tendons, so a weekend of rest and ice and ibruprofen. It is feeling a bit better now but not up to running on it yet... hopefully another week and then I can get back to it! - I'm thinking just running a minute/ walk a minute to start to ease back into it, and maybe some slower runs. Now I've cracked my sub 30m 5km goal I feel less pressured to run faster every time... I'm a bit scared that if I leave it too long I'll lose the love... and I have really enjoyed running so far!

Anyway - sympathy much appreciated, although I accept self inflited and probably a valuable lesson in not running if it hurts, or pushing yourself too hard too soon! (BTW please don't say I told you so... even if you did!) :-)

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Hope it heals really soon. We all make mistakes, no use in beating yourself up. Take care.


You have all my sympathies! I haven't run for over 2 weeks after pulling my quad.I did run thru' the pain, never again. I am also hugely impatient!

Good luck,

Susie :)


I feel your pain, unfortunately you need to take it easy until your well again otherwise you'll be out of action even longer. Take care


I absolutely agree with Phil; give your ankle time to recover, your risk of re-injury will be dramatically reduced. I had 3 weeks of not running following various ailments including quads injury and had to start back slowly, but have managed to get back to my usual pace and distance within a month. If you have truly got the running bug you will not lose it :-)


Just goes to show that the 'no pain, no gain' adage is a load of old hogwash!!

I made that mistake early on and probably made the minor injury I had even worse and lost about two weeks, so now if I feel anything other than the normal stiffness / heaviness that I sometimes get if I have missed a run or two then I stop and give myself time to recover.

Hopefully you will be on the mend soon and back to running - it's funny how quickly it becomes a part of your life isn't it :-)


Sending tea and sympathy. It's soooo frustrating not to be able to run once you're hooked. I had shin splints for 7 wks and looked jealously at anyone I saw out running! But do heed the advice and rest up, can you do some low- / non-impact stuff like swimming in the meantime, to support your hard-won fitness? Hope it's better soon.


Right there with you. I tore a ligament in my knee nearly 8 weeks ago. Very jealous of all the runners I see. I'm going to give wk 1 a try this weekend though still a little sore so will have to wait and see. Keep resting and be patient. Better a few weeks out than a few months!



oh no. like you I overdid it shortly after finishing c25k & tried running with a sore knee. ended up with a month off as even going up & down stairs was a killer. on the upside though, I realised how much I missed it & it made me even more determined. if ankles are like knees then dont even try to run on it until it is fully healed. its just not worth it.

if you can get on a cross-trainer you may be able to feel as if you are running without the impact of running, although not sure if that might make the ankle hurt.

hope it isnt too long before you can get back out there. shelley x


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