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Xtrainer wk8 r2

Been putting this run off. Father-in-laws funeral Monday of last week. only went back to work this MOnday just couldnt motivate myself for much really. Today ,with the sunshine and walking home from work, I decided that as Id walked up hill that i wuold get changed as soon as I got in. I did just that. So Ive done it and 1 more to go for week 8. I do so wish i could run outside I do really .I hope that i might one day. sorry for going on hope everyone is dong well.xx

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Well done, Flart. Here's a virtual bunch of flowers to cheer you up a bit (someone else did that earlier, and I thought it was a nice idea.) Some snowdrops and crocuses from my garden. :) Five different colours of crocuses too!


Theyre beautiful , Thank you. Ive put them in my pink spotted jug.x


Hi Flart, it was my mum-in-laws funeral last week and I couldn't get motivated either. The last few weeks seem to have been so busy with trying to make sure everyone else was okay (and dealing with my own grief) that hitting the running machine has been the last thing on my mind.

I know what you mean, I don't feel confident enough to run outside either. Keep telling myself that when I'm a bit thinner and faster then I'll do it - my ambition is to summon up the courage to do a Parkrun - don't know if I'll ever get there but it's always good to have a goal.

We have a Labrador who is a bit of a chunky monkey and my hubby has suggested that perhaps I could take him running in the forest near here so when I get to the end of the programme again I might force myself to do it :-)

Lovely idea about the virtual flowers, but I'll send you a big hug instead :-)


Hope your feeling a bit better mcc65 thanks for your kind words. The reason I dont run outside is because when i got to wk2 r1 I got terrible pains in my knees. took me weeks to get over. so i vowed to stay on the x trainer and save my knees. After work myself and my daughter went to a park ,abou a mile from home, this park has 3k marked out on it. I ran mostly on the grass . we didnt stick to the path but went a different way around. The good news is my knees survived whoop whoop .(maybe reget it tomorrow). I reckon i ran for about 2.5k had a little walk and ran some more. it felt good.xx


I've read a couple of comments on here about road running being a lot harder on the joints etc but more enjoyable. Glad you had a good run - here's to outdoor running for both of us :-)


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