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Urgh... Schedule took a hit

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So I went to do week 7 run 3 this morning but never really got into it, I just never felt comfortable and couldn't get into a rhythm. Struggled to about 15 minutes before calling it day. There was just nothing in the tank. Given I've been doing a run every other day for most of the programme I'm confident that it wasn't anything to do with resting between runs but I think it might be down to diet yesterday, we had a family thing and I ate vey little especially in the way of carbs. So I'll be eating better today and trying the run again tomorrow evening.

Kinda trashes my Christmas schedule though as it now puts a run on Christmas Day rather than Christmas Eve and Boxing Day... oh well

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Every run is a training run so well done for getting out. Mye7r3 was my toughest run. Everyone on here reminded me that you can have a tough run at anytime. Had no problems since and graduated today. You'll be fine. Btw you can take more than one days rest if you want and don't want to spoil your Xmas schedule!

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If the schedule is spoiling your morale then scrap the schedule. You’re doing really well, so stop slapping yourself ! And always remember the First Rule of C25k:The only run you fail is the run you don’t go for. Enjoy your journey x

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GonnatriGraduate in reply to ButtercupKid

Thanks, think I’m going to do w7r3 on Tuesday rather than risk running tomorrow and without having the days rest before the next run

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ButtercupKidGraduate in reply to Gonnatri

Sounds like a wise decision. Rest and hydrate well and get out there and nail it ! We’re all behind you here 😄

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You ran 15, when it wasn’t right and you weren’t feeling it... that’s what? 15 more than 2 months ago? Well done. Rest up and go again... you got this.

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