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Pins and needles in my feet


I've just joined today as came across the site through a goodle search.

I'm on my 3rd session of week 8 and running 28minutes. I've noticed since I've been running longer distances I've been getting pins and needles in my toes or feet!

I thought initially it was because I had new trainers but it also happens in my older trainers. I've researched and tried having looser laces, wearing thinner socks etc etc but nothing seems to help!

Does anyone else expeience this?! Last night my left foot was completely numb just as i got to 28minutes, I'm not sure whether I'd have been able to carry on if my time wasn't up!

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I had this a couple of times, then it just vanished. I read somewhere that it's common in newbie runners. I also did the same as you changed socks and loosened my laces and that seemed to help. Good luck.



Thank you! I hope it does wear off only when I googled it some comments were from longer distance runners and it didn't leave me with much hope! I'm currently running and squeezing my toes to try and get some circulation through them, hehe!


Are your trainers about a size larger then the shoe size you typically wear? Its suggested to go with a larger size to allow space for swelling you run. I am wearing a pair a bit too small and when I run longer times I have problems. Good luck to you!!!!! Gayle


Your feet are swelling. It happens to me at exactly 40 mins on longer runs. Next pair of shoes I'm going to get a size bigger!


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