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B210K - Thoughts and experiences? (Samantha Murphy podcasts)

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Reading a lot of recent grad blogs this past week, there seem to be many of us either well on the way to 10k, just starting out or seriously considering starting B210K, so I thought it would be a good idea to gather some thoughts and experiences of progress so far in the hope that others considering this can make a more informed decision.

I did W1R1 yesterday and it was hard but I did it and really enjoyed the experience. I haven't really done a lot of the stepping stones - hated speed and most people think the actual stepping stones podcast is not that great. But it didn't stop me achieving the first run of B210K. Samantha is NOT Laura - no comforting words of encouragement, just very short and sharp orders - you know what to do.... do it......NOW! - kind of thing, but I didn't mind it. And the music - while cheesy at times, is generally MUCH more entertaining than C25K.

So for those of you who have completed it, or are on the way - what are your experiences, what pitfalls should we look out for and....does it work?

Any feedback appreciated. :D

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liked the music. it is very upbeat compared to laura but did miss laura's input.

tried 3 or 4 times but just could not master week 1. managed 3 x 10mins but just couldnt finish that last 10min session. I think it was going back to intervals as I had great difficulty with week 6, run1 of c25k. moved on to week 2 & this week & the rest of the plan went fine, challenging, but fine.

& yes, it does work :)


Fraz, am on week 3 just now but only doing this B210k podcasts once a week, interspacing it with other types of runs.

Week 1 could not hear what Samantha was saying so only did this once.

I have done week 3 twice now. Though I sometimes need more than the 1 minute recovery. However, doing this allows me to go further too.

So have managed 11.27km and 11.11km using the B210k style of week 3. Will keep using it as I find it a challenge.


Hi Fraz! I did it tonight (see my blog for the stress!) and decided to start on week 3 (I was already running for longer than week 1, week 2 had a song I hate on it which I could not bear to listen to 3 times) BUT I had a complete podcast malfunction! Terrible screechy noise during the warm up track then it cut out and went on to week 4!!!!

So I did week 4!!! It was tough, but I did it. Sam is much more lazy and ambivalent than Laura and I had no idea when the walks were coming as they happened in the middle of songs, but it was grand.

Music was Britney and Pink heavy, but I was so pleased to hear some Counting Crows and Foo Fighters in there! Definitely going to stick with it for now and see how I go. I am incredibly slow at week 4 (particularly the latter half) so I might do week 4 for 2 or 3 weeks until I'm comfortable enough to move on, or until I get sick of the music.

I'd definitely like to hear other people's experiences of it - I guess the end goal is the most important thing, but some info about the journey would be nice!


From the answers so far I don't feel too drawn to Sam! I'm doing my own workout to get to 10k and had thought about using this podcast. I'm using the speed and stamina podcasts and they're really helping me to speed up and go for longer. I don't think I'll abandon Laura for now. I have one question though - is there anywhere where the B210K can be printed out, just for the information?


Girls where is the podcast please....thanks in adavance


I did the first podcast today and I didn't hear it properly either. I missed all the instructions to walk except for one, so I'd run the whole thing with just one minute walk. I suppose it was a bonus, as I got round minus three walking stops, but I was really tired by the end.


Updating this several years on, this is the best podcast ever. Brill music and Sami kicks butt 😊

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misswobble do you if you can still download Samantha Murphy b210k I had it previously but can’t find a copy now???


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