Mixed feelings too

Hi all, like EGS has said on her blog, i had a similar experience. I warmed up, stretched, kept up my food intake and got hydrated. Set off and after a very inspiring call from EGS started running but by jingo if i didn't have problems too. I managed about 6.5 miles in the end but i had to walk probably about 3 miles of that. All in all quite disappointing. Ed x


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  • Was there something getting in your way ;-) ? Why don't you just try a shorter distance but see if you can extend your running intervals. I'm glad you found the call inspiring xxx

  • Yes something did seem to be hindering me a bit. Thats a good idea but i actually want to run long distances hun. Ed x

  • Build it up slowly Ed. You're so impatient (in many ways!!) x

  • Yes thats true in so many ways x x

  • Best to up your distances gradually. Helps reduce injury and also gives you a good base as you step up to the next distance. Is it worth setting a goal i.e. the distance you want to get too and then writing a plan of how to get there i.e. up your mileage by 10% each week.

    Also, something else to consider is your speed...as you go further you may have to drop back slightly until you are used to the distance...just a thought (for me I run at the same slow pace through out!)

  • Hi Ali thats very good advice, i will try it. Thanks very much, Ed x

  • I bet you won't. You're too stubborn! x

  • Ooh thats not nice love x x

  • But true! Love you though!! x

  • Yes very true x x

  • Sounds about right! :) (It's good advice though. ;) )

  • Yes she is full of good advice

  • I want a like button :)

  • Whats a like button Ali? x

  • Facebook reference. About time you got on it my lovely. Lots of photos! X

  • Oh i see. Photos of what? x x

  • Me! X

  • Really? Sign me up spotty!! x x

  • I'm not spotty! Cheeky! ;-) x

  • Star Trek ref, do keep up love x x

  • I know that silly!

  • Yeh right x x

  • I'm sorry Ed? You're moaning at 'only' doing 3.5 MILES?? M I L E S !!!! Give yourself a break luv! I think it's fantastic going!

    :-) Ali

  • Hi Auntie yes sorry i dont mean to sound like i am unhappy.

    I mean that i dont seem to be progressing which is annoying.

    I want to run half marathon distances but am a long way short.

    Ed x

  • Hey Ed,

    I was like you last year. I'd completed the C25K and then felt like going all guns blazing at upping my distance WHILST upping my speed too. I very quickly found that I couldn't do both. I ended up trying to run fast at 5k and having to have 3 or 4 rest breaks. This would make me despondent and next thing I knew, I was running maybe once a week, or even once a fortnight.

    So at Christmas, with two weeks away from work, I could concentrate. I slowed my pace right down from 6min/km to 7.15min/km and ran 2 miles non-stop. Then 3 miles non-stop, and worked on that basis that I could run 3mi / 5k comfortably. And then in the last month, I've begun slowly building on that core and increasing my distance. I first done a 6k run, 7k the following week, then jumped to 10k to "see if I could" and I did.

    I'm now running fast (for me) 5k's non-stop twice a week, an intervals session once and a long run at the weekend. Yesterdays run was 11km / 7miles continuous.

    Seriously Ed, don't take on too much at one time. Reduce your pace so you can increase your distance. Once you're happy with the distance, you can then increase the pace again.

  • Hi Mrq thats excellent advice. Others have said similar

    so i will give that a try this week. Thanks very much Ed

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