Managed the w7r2 this morning, but found it harder!

This morning I completed the 2nd of the runs in week 7. Happy with my previous pace, but with ankle twinging I donned my ankle support and started my warm up walk.

I think that it is harder to run in the morning for me as I found it really difficult at around the 10 minute mark, I continued on and when the last minute was called managed to increase from 9.6 to 9.8km/hr, but boy I found it more difficult.

Next one will be outdoors, so we will see!

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  • Go gently with that ankle, shinjin, you don't want to be watching 5x50 from the sidelines! You're going pretty fast too (mind you, I'm seriously slow, so I'm no judge really).

  • Thanks, I will take care.

    The ankle seems OK at present and actually better after the run. I was going to reduce my speed today, but it seemed.

    Although it was hard, I think this was more due to it being in the morning . We will see for the next run.

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