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Week 1 Run 2

hi everyone, r2 done and went well, found it a little harder than r1 but I think that was due to having played netball last night. Thoroughly enjoying it though and looking forward to r3 on Monday. its great having all this encouragement and finding others who are just starting too, so we can support and encourage each other as I am sure it will get much tougher!

Good luck everyone. X

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Well done Julie

I dis w1 run3 today. Been away from exercise for a long time so still finding my feet. However looking forward to it and reading all the posts has really got me believing I might just be able to do this.

Keep it up

Linda :)


Just what I thought. Good luck ??


Well done Julie! It's good to have other people at the same stage isn't it? :-)


Netball then a run the day after?!! Wowie julie, that's ace going! Can tell you're going to be doing this program no problems. The more experienced runners seem to suggest another form of physical activity between runs does help. I'm thinking of trying swimming. Just got to get the courage to go put me cossie on!!

Good luck for your next run and let us know how you get on

Ali :-)


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