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Help, I've been struck down with knee pain in week one?!

I started a different running plan before christmas but stopped when the weather got too cold! I discovered this plan last weekend and thought it sounded brilliant. I love the fact that Laura is there alongside me and although i found the first day tough i looked forward to the next running session. Went out last night and had a twinge in my knee whilst running but thought it was just where i needed to warm up! Maybe not, i was kept awake by the pain in my knees every time i rolled over and it hurts this morning when i walk! I am guessing i need to make a doc appointment to get them checked over but i'm desperately hoping i will be able to continue running when my knees have recovered as i love it! has anyone got any experience of this type of injury?

Thanks for listening to my waffle, happy friday!

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I am no expert so please do not take this as a definative, however on my first 2 and half weeks I had the most excrutiating knee pain after running. I have now just done my first run of week 4 and have had no pain at all in my knees! (i have in the past had an op on one knee) I coped with it by wearing neoprene knee supports from boots when running then came home, straight in shower, voltarol painkiller gel on and supports back on until I went to bed. gradually it got better. I am still wearing knee supports to run but not afterwards. I think what helped me the the most was keeping my knees moving gently after running and keeping them warm. Hope this helps a little and good luck.


I had massive body aches all over the first 4 weeks or so. I bought some freeze gel from the chemist. I dont know if it will help your knees but it definately sorted out my tight calves and shins and its only a couple of quid a tube. Also I hear knee supports are excellent too. Hope you get them sorted soon and, sometimes its just your body getting used to the change and it will go away when you're stronger. Still, if you need to get them checked out you know your body best. Good luck with the programme- Karen


Aches and twinges are normal, it's your body complaining about the use of muscles it's felt no stress on before. You'll get used to them as will your body and they will fade.

Pain is different matter and if it's keeping you awake, get it checked by a sports physio


A bit about running form on here:

You may find that landing on the heels makes knees more painful, and midfoot landing is gentler for the knees and other leg bits. (That's a technical term there, leg bits.) :)


Knee exercises here:


Thank you all so much. My doctors surgery can't fit me in for over a week as they feel i only need a routine appointment. So i really appreciate your advice, my lovely hub went out and bought me some flexible knee supports and they do seem to be helping. I guess I will have to take the weekend off and see how I feel monday. Hoping they feel better as i am really enjoying running xx


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