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Pain in the..... Knee!

I was due yesterday to do W2R3 but I noticed after my last run my right knee felt heavy. Since then I've got a dull ache at the bottom of my kneecap which especially hurts if I'm walking up the stairs. Ibrophen takes the pain away but I'm after sorting the cause out really and to see if this is something I should push through with or rest. Does anyone know if this sort of thing is progress related and my body just reacting or if it could possibly be the start of an injury?

My mind is now addictied to running and I just want to get back to it. Yes I've caught the itch I never thought I would! If it gets worse then I will obliviously go and see my GP but between then can anyone share any experiences?

Thanks :)

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I did the same thing around the same time in the programme and I'd overdone it by going for a very long walk on my 'day off'. It was much further than I'd normally walk.

I used ibuprofen gel as it's treating the swelling as well as the pain, although I didn't have visible swelling. I just had to have a few days off and I was putting on the gel after each run for the next few runs, although it didn't feel too bad. I also looked up the couch to 5k site for the knee exercises on there and did that and was very mindful to spend time on the warm downs. I would get home, do the warm down stretches on the website, have a shower and then do them again. Don't rush it or you'll just have to rest for even longer.

Good luck, I know how frustrating it feels and hope that your knee feels better soon.


You really need to be doing quad and knee strengthening exercises to protest your knees. Search the site for them or go to the pinned posts for the NHS Choices How to run and stretch correctly pages. They're packed with great advice and suggestions. Just ignoring the pain is a really bad idea.


Listen to the advice and listen to your body...

I had a very painful knee which i ignored...( my post, The Curious Incident of the Knee that Twinged in the Night-time , detailed it... :( ) , and I was on the IC for two weeks...strangely, my pain was worse going upstairs and took a while to sort...the RICE treatment is the best... and go very steadily!

Feel the pain... then walk away, time to run another day! :)


Thanks for all the replies. I've been resting it as much as I possibly can and doing the quad and strengthening exercises. Work yesterday was crazy and checked out my steps for the day and walked 9.30km 🙈 So maybe not too much rest!! (The joys of working for the NHS) It does feel a little better this morning but still the dull ache. The exercises did take away the ache for a short time so I'm guessing it's more of a weakness than an actual injury.

I checked out your post Oldfloss - poor you!! How are you now?


I'm off the couch!! W3R1 done with no pain 🎉


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