i'm struggling with joint pain this week :(

I thought i might have problems with my joints when i began running but i dont want to let it defeat me. I have osteoarthritis in my hip joints and have had problems with my knees for a long time but i love running and if there is anything i can do apart from being thrown codeine by the doctor i'd like to give it a try.I have seen posts about fish oil and glucosamine?? and i'm confused about stretching does it help or doesn't it??I'm having to take a few days out at the minute due to the pain and i daren't risk running until it has eased off a little.


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8 Replies

  • Last run I tried a length of tubigrip bandage over one knee that had been just niggling away for a week or two - nothing agonising, but just not quite right, even when not running. I have to say the bandage made the most incredible difference, as soon as I put it on, and my knee has been better since. I'm due to go out again today, and I'm wondering whether to put it on again, or on the other knee (which I immediately became more aware of once the left one stopped niggling...) Don't know whether it's a good thing to do or not, but if your knees are troubling you it might be worth a try, seeing if it makes any difference? Good luck!

  • have you tried making your bones more supple with coq10 if your age is below 40 or ubiquinol if you are above 40

    i also take b12 supplements which have helped me tremendously and vitamind with calcium this is for your bones ,but i do also take opti omega 3 capsules as i dont eat fish

    the b12s are the first i would try

  • I'm of no use as far as your question but I'm suffering with nasty hip pain and think it's going to be a long term issue. How do you cope with it as far as running goes? I'd be so grateful for any tips.

    Thank you

    J x

  • thanks annasee, i had thought about a knee support but need to look into it further because i read somewhere that it can make matters worse in some cases.I have bought some fish oil capsules and glucosamine which i've heard a lot about Suki65 b12 wouldn't hurt to try but i'm sure i'm going to rattle when i run if i take anymore pills lol. I'll look into ubiquinol too. Its very confusing as there seems to be a wide range of supplements to try but obviously i cant take them all it's probably going to be trial and error to see what works best. To begin with juju2208 i ran on the treadmill and found i had no pain because of it and then decided to give it a go outside. My hips haven,t been too bad until this week i have had a few niggles with the knees but 20 mins with an ice pack and a days rest in between and they have been ok but i have pushed a little harder this week and think this may be to blame in part.I am not going to run until the pain has eased as i think i would be asking for trouble i'm taking paracetamol and i took a codeine last night. I don't know how else to deal with it but might look into any specific exercises to help with the hip and knee joints. :)

  • Thanks chickens01, I hope your pain eases off soon

    J x

  • I went to the doctor with a pain in my calf a few weeks ago and he told me it was caused by osteoarthritis in my knee. His advice to me was to keep running but take ibuprofen or use ibuprofen gel to make it more comfortable. Keeping the joints mobile is the best way to deal with osteoarthritis and you may find mobility exercises are helpful - have a google for "mobility exercises for runners" to get some ideas. I hope you find a way of dealing with it that suits you.

    I had hip bursitis last year and had some good exercises from the physio - this was a good one for hips and you can use a resistance band too:

  • thanks for that sfb 350 i'm going to try for a gentle run on sunday to get back out there,i cant take anti inflammatorys as they have given me a stomach ulcer which i am taking medication for at present. but i will certainly look at the excercises.

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