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Two castles

Tomorrow evening the two castles run ( Warwick to Kenilworth 10k! ) is open for applicants.

I may well be a mad woman, but I feel the need to actually set some concrete goals. I am hoping that entering the race will keep me going for a few months with something to build up to. To be honest I'm not sure I will be ready, but im not too bothered about that its more having the goal. I am also hoping to get a few of those pesky park runs under my belt.

Is anyone else planning to enter their local 10k's, or maybe even 2 castles?

Horrid itchy plaster off in the morning, yeah!!!

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I hope that plaster is coming off even as I write this :) I think it's a great idea to set yourself the goal of this run, and what a nice run too! Even if you're not ready, as you say it will give you something to focus on - and I bet you will be ready, by the time you get there. All the best with it, and keep us updated.



Thanks Annie! See below!


Thanks Annie. Just on the way to fracture clinic so not long.

I went out for another gentle jog this morning. Managed 3.5 k and felt good. My easing back in is working a treat. I already feel much more focused just thinking about going for the 10k :) I have just joined the C25k 5x50 group too. In for a penny in for a pound!!


Hi Tish that's great, I say go for it, you will be amazed! I have my first local 10k on my first ever race in fact. Am really excited. I found having a goal really helped as I am sure you will too :)


Good luck with the 10k on Sunday. Wow! Doesn't time fly?! I have just registerd for the 2 castles and got the confirmation emails, it's real now. I would never even have thought of running a 10k even a few months ago.

Keep us posted, I have a big cheesy grin on my face! Enjoy and Go Jeddahpm!!!!

:D :D

Reply totally exciting!! When is it?


Well I might come and cheer you on! :)


Bonkers again! But you know I think it's all positive stuff. I would just love to have my C25k buddies cheering me on. This is a great gang. Us humans love to hang out in groups and I can't think of a better one. :)


I'm marvellous with a pair of Pom poms ;) x


Oh, now there's a good idea! My daughter has some pom poms somewhere... Perhaps I could find a good place halfway along the route (don't much fancy the traffic at start and end points) and wave a c25k banner or something! I'll have a think!


I think applying to do your local 10K race is a great idea as it's good to have a goal.

I've drawn up a list with 15 10K runs between now and August, all within about 100 miles from home. I'm obviously not going to do them all, but still need to decide which I shall do. Some are organised by charities including the first one-which I'm registered for-organised by Chest Heart Stroke Scotland. Others are part of Highland Games, which sound like fun events to participate in, to mingle with the other athletes. Some are in particularly scenic locations, eg Isle of Skye, while others are part of festivals, eg Follow the Herring, which is part of the Portsoy Boat Festival. It's hard to decide which to do!

My hubby is a keen photographer so he'll be happy to accompany me to these events with lots of photo opportunities.


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