Running once a week?

Hi i am on w5r2 sometimes i only get to run once a week as young kids and husband works late and i dont feel safe running in dark on my own i am just wondering now i am getting to the longer runs will this hamper my progress? Wondered if there anyone out there that had same probs as me ps am hoping as weather gets better to run in eves once light enough but think that will be few weeks yet


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  • Hi, I'm not sure where you are on the programme but I ran, initally, with my baby in her pram. I made sure the pavements weren't too bumpy hahaha. Now I do run at night as I love having a bit of me time and am fit enough to run a lot further. I walked the route in the day and made sure it was well lit. I actually just run around our estate and make sure it's imediately after bathtime so quite early (hopefully will be light now for it soon!). Literally, my husband walks in sometimes and I'm out the door. It is difficult to juggle the programme with a family but I think the lighter evenings should make it easier for you.

  • thanks snowymum i did try with buggy at start but found it really hard!!!! but i am on week five now so matbe i will give it a go again to try and get a extra run in and like the idea of leaving as hubby gets in as like you the me time feels great and hoping for lighter evenings soon (but have snow today!) thanks for answering x

  • Hi, where there's a will there's a way! I'm a single mum of 2 young children, with no family nearby to babysit and i'm just about managing 3 a week but that could change at any time. Just hope the goodwill of friends will last out the programme. It's hard for us Mums but WE CAN DO IT !!! Good luck :0)

  • I've got youngsters too and the only way I've managed to run regularly is to get up an hour earlier and leave the rest of the family in bed asleep- would that be an option for you?

    You can get all kinds of personal alarms and switch your GPS on on your phone if that will make you feel safer.

  • Hi thanks am def gunna try getting up early and see how it goes but bet its hard! And had not thought about alarm good idea many thanks cazvs x

  • Hi thanks all for your answers and am gunna give some a go even getting up before everyone else! ( that must be so hard) as really enjoying the running and so want to be able to keep up with my daughter when shes on her bike! This site is great for motivation and is def helping cheers x

  • I have a 3yr old so have to get up at 545 (before her and hubby wake up) its hard especially in this weather, but I have been doing 2 weekdays and either Sat or Sun.. Good luck!

  • My baby is 10 so hardly the same thing but I get up at 6am to go out running before my son and partner wake up. I have found this gives me a lot more energy for the whole day and getting the sleepy boys organised first thing. I'm not usually a morning person but this is changing from training my body and it is glorious to see sunrises every day and listen to the dawn chorus of bird song :)

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