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First time on a treadmill (for at least 10 years!)

On a course this week, but this morning the tutor wasn't coming until 9am; as I have to brave the M25/A1, I thought I would leave to arrive at the same time as the rest of the week and run before class... Left home 5 minutes later due to putting rubbish out, took 30 minutes longer!

Arrive and set off on my warm up walk thinking time would now be short for getting ready for class but intending to run around the perimeter road, had to pass the gym... It looked like there was no-one in there! I bravely entered, saw there was a chap doing heavy weights, ignored him (couldn't see him once I took my glasses off!) managed to get the second treadmill going and off I set!

How hard is it to pick the speed to go at! Got about 10 minutes in when I worked out I should be going 10k an hour to run 5k in 30 mins, ha ha, no way I could do that! Settled for 8.5kph, did 32 minutes; speed walked back, almost cold shower as usul in work places - why can't they build buildings and make them the right temperature and the water warm? I entered the class with my customary sweaty beetroot face still in place, to the amusement of my colleagues! :-\

Then found my phone didn't like the gym and hadn't recorded but as I knew my distances etc I could update manually... I do love to record my progress, no matter how slow! Was interested to see Since I started Imap it lovingly told me last night I have completed 699 miles of cycling/running since I have been using it! Don't know when I will run indoors again - think I prefer the wind in my face and things to look at as I plod along! :-)

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699 miles!!!! Entertaining story - loved the bit about taking your glasses off. :)


Mmm... life can be better in a blur sometimes - didn't help me sign in with security when they completely steamed up as I entred the building though!

What with that and the sweaty red face, back pack, suit bag, bag with shoes.towel etc and handbag I must have looked a sight! No shame now I'm old and don't care!!!


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