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Another form of exercise?

Morning runners

I have had a badly pulled quad since the end of January which is improving but very slowly yesterday I just moved quickly to cross a road and was in agony and I need another safe form of exercises as I've put on five pounds through not running so do you have any thoughts ? I can't go swimming due to a triple spinal fusion and have been in the sauna for the last week to aid recovery tried compression dressings rest and a roller so I need to run know its not possible but just wondered if this wonderful community had any ideas ?

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What about open air gyms? Do you have any parks with equipment in near you?


Well that's worth a thought thanks ;)


Hi, so sorry to hear about your quad, I've strained mine as well. Not as bad as yours, but I haven't run for nearly 2 weeks, I'm still limping! Have you tried Yoga? I'm going to a class tomorrow and then sauna, swim after. Have tried to run, but there's just no power in my knee, feels weird! Also it still twinges when I go upstairs. I'm fed up after nearly 2 weeks, so can't imagine how you feel. It's so frustrating!!

Anyway, loads of luck and hope it heals soon, Susie :)


Thanks ok yoga is next ! I feel so sorry for you there seems to be no end in sight as soon as I get out of bed it pulls a compression bandage helps but they roll down which hurts even more think I may well have to go for treatment good luck to you too :)


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