Newbie any form of exercise, not just running!

Right. Running has been at the back of my mind for couple of years. Being always a bit overweight, losing a stone every spring with Slimming World, then slowly putting it back on...also suffered with a bit of depression, and now the dreaded menopause rearing it's ugly head.

So turning 50 last month and hearing that a similarly sized friend started running last year has kick started me to give it a go!

I think my husband and daughters thought I was mad! But did W1D1 last Sunday, aiming to do Tuesday - my day off - and Thursday - my afternoon off, perfect. I work 9-7 two days a week so can forget those! It was OK! Better than I thought I would do. I need better earphones though, keep jogging out! And keeping the volume up means that I don't need to stress about my heavy breathing! And today I woke up actually looking forward to pushing myself to do better. A full days shopping with daughter in Manchester and a slight aching in my legs and it was boiling hot, but I got ready and set off, telling myself if i felt uncomfortable after the walk and first run, then I would just power walk. But it was good! First run felt better than Day 1 and I kept on.

Feeling a huge rush of positivity. And a feeling of accomplishment.

Unfortunately, all day tomorrow will be sat down in a course, and not my usual stood up and walking around all day, so anticipating feeling stiff by tea time.


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12 Replies

  • Juliebee, you've come to the right place for some help and encouragement along the way :)


    Great words which sum up just two of the benefits to running.

  • Juliebee, congratulations on taking your first steps ! C25K is fantastic, not just for your fitness but also for depression - I don't think I'm alone in finding that it has had a huge impact on my stress levels and general state of mind, to the extent that other people have commented on how different I seem.

    Please share your successes here and, if you ever feel negative about anything, share that here too and you'll get all the encouragement and support you need.

    Oh, try sneaking in some stretches while you are sat on your course ;-)

  • If you are 'mad' to join C25K it's a really good sort of madness! I'm the same vintage as you and was very overweight and unfit this time last year and C25K has helped me in so many ways. It (including this community) can help you in so many ways, too!

  • Welcome and well done on've taken the hardest step :)

    Keep posting to let us know how you get along :)

  • Aww, thanks everyone, for the encouragement and advice! Tomorrow I can't even get out for lunchtime walk as a colleague has retirment 'do' in the nearby Wetherspoons! So will have something healthy hopefully.

  • Laps from the table to the bar count as exercise ;)

    Welcome to the house of craziness, where lazy people change their lives and get fit :) haha You're going to love it!

  • Haha, I like that philosophy!

  • I always just think to myself that every little helps, no matter how hard it is it's still better than being at home doing nothing. I've just put up my grad post about how doing Couch to 5k has helped to change my attitude to life - check it out! This is a great programme and this forum is a great place to be - so welcome to the club! :-)

  • I'll check that out for inspiration. Thanks!

  • Welcome juliebee - I am in the same place as you -age/weight etc and I've just done Run 2 of Week 2. I'm really enjoying it and I've never done any form of exercise - well not for years. Its lovely on here everyone is so supportive - we can so do this - good luck! x

  • I'll keep an eye on your progress a week ahead of me.

  • Well done on joining! There are a lot of us newbies around and this is a great place for encouragement. :)

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