Another 10K, another cold?

Really not sure what is going on here, I'd barely finished my run yesterday before I started coughing. Now I have a sore throat and snuffly nose, but I don't feel "ill/rough" as I would normally do with a cold. I'd have thought I wouldn't have been able to run 10K if I was coming down with something, I feel fine apart from the snuffles. This is the third time this has happened, I've seen the doctor and asked the pharmacist for advice - they both said it's an allergy, like hay fever, but in the winter?

Any suggestions?


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15 Replies

  • There's loads of blossom in the air at the moment. I bet with all the huffing and puffing done when running all sorts of particles and stuff went up your nose and down your throat. Maybe you need to get one of those spray things which purport to prevent colds and use it liberally when you've been on a long run, and maybe take an antihistamine after? Just a thought.

  • This first happened though in November, then twice in February...I'll be interested to see what happens in France (going back next weekend) maybe it's pollution...

  • Perhaps you're allergic to English air. I can sympathise ... I'd much rather be breathing south of France air (not Paris, though, after last week!).

  • Up your consumption of local honey, make sure you have a healthy diet and that's it really😊 if you are fit otherwise then you're better placed to shrug off illness should it happen

    A bit of sunshine on our faces will work wonders for our well being I suspect ☺

  • Stick some Vaseline up your nose before you go out. It stops the pollen getting into your nose.

  • Hi curly I agree with useitorloseit I have allergic rhinitis and often feel bunged up in nose , nose gets really itchy and start sneezing for no reason . I have sprays on prescription but you can buy over counter. Sterimar - which is really just sea water spray and you could try using that before and after run and Nasonex - which spray in after blowing nose after Sterimar ( sorry if too much info ) think they coat nostrils and prevent allergy sticking I only use when I need to You can also make nasal wash with salt and water but I found it really awkward to use.

  • Do you have a sore throat too? The doc gave me Beconase, I haven't used it yet, silly me!

  • Don't have sore throat but can be quite headachy. I used Beconase for years but long time ago they changed the ingredients and I couldn't tolerate it . I try and use sterimore mostly - I kind of think of it as you would moisturiser ie to try and prevent problem Sometimes I can go weeks without needing anything but then need to use it twice a day

  • Yes, I had a terrible head ache last time. The strange thing is my OH has it too, and he doesn't run...

  • If you and OH have headache perhaps it's viral or, more worryingly, perhaps you should get your gas boiler checked if you have one. Carbon monoxide Is odourless and insidious. Not that I want to worry you :-/ Sorry Curly

  • Thanks AM, the boiler was checked last week, we get it done every year...this is just weird, I never get colds as a rule..

  • I use Beconase. I'd drown in a sea of, well, snot if I didnt. I have perennial rhinitis too. I'm fine when we go on holiday to the coast but otherwise my nose streams and I'm all congested. I know, too much information, but my point is, use the spray Curly, you won't regret it x

  • It may well be allergy I started sneezing already... try 'lining' inside your nostrils with Vaseline, I found it helps a bit to catch some of the UF pollen and nettle tea is supposed to help too

  • or try a neti pot same thing as sterimar but cheaper if a little more awkward to learn to use .

  • I was with my dad last week and as you know he's being through the same. We went for a walk round scarborough and because it was more than he is used to by the end of the night his sore throat was back. He rested the next day and took paracetamol and felt better. Last time I got brought down like you I had to stop the longer distances for a couple of week and took sainsbury own version of berroca. I think it's called revive its in a green tube and you just dissolve it it water. It's got vitamins and minerals to help boost the immune system but it was the not pushing myself for a couple if weeks that finally broke the back of it. Feel well soon.

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