Wehhelllllllllll! Smoke me a large one, tis partayyyy time!

Nice and steady one foot in front of the other, with the biggest jaw popping grin on my chops, I thought I'd taken to many meds!

The run? Did I run! I remember warming up, stretching, and then re reading in my head the comments, the gentle pushes, the genuine heartfelt words that enabled me to do this.

Several weeks ago I made a deal with myself, to finish this course, and then actually start living again, not just getting up, going to work, surviving etc etc, this course and the great blogs of people who have no idea how much they have helped me.

Well to you all thank you!

I ran the run as if I had been doing it for ever, 30:00 mins to each and every second please kiss my pert glutes.

Now i will rub my self down with effervescent herbs and spices, and bathe in the glow of a job well done.

Next? Well one foot in front of the other! Maybe just maybe a little bit faster!

All the best my little sherbets.



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49 Replies

  • Blimey! That made me jump!

    Jeez, what a brilliant blog, Dale. No pert glute kissing though! :D

    I can't stop laughing out loud! You are a real star. :)

    Btw, are you sure about not taking too many meds?

  • Thanks Greeners, meds?

    Wot meds!


  • Fantastic!!! Good for you and well done :-)

  • Thanks Lisa, hope all is well?


  • Well done Dale. Virtual kisses being sent. Apply them wherever you like :-)

  • Why thank you kindly! ( grabbing wildly)


  • Kinell!

  • Lol!

  • How lovely Dale! I just love your posts they crack me up. Thanks for putting a smile on our faces! Best of all well done and congratulations on achieving your goal and making the move towards a fuller life :)

    Best wishes


  • Thank you Jems, hope all is good with you.


  • Wahayyyy!!!! Well done! Such a great feeling getting that graduation run in.... Hope the herbs and spices aren't too stingy as you rub them in, and your glutes fell just as pert tomorrow!!! ;-)

  • *feel*

  • They fell right off the bone!!


    Thank you Poppy


  • You are just cracking me up. Fabulous blog. So happy for you. Revel in your moment. All the best = Karen

  • Cheers


  • Woo, you did it! Hope you've got some champagne. Enjoy your victory.

  • Ah! Just PG Tips for me....and a Banana!

    All the best


  • I'm sorry, so astonished by the pic and blog was I that I forgot myself and didn't congratulate you Dale, well done fella, it's a fabulous feeling eh?

  • Thanks Fingalo,

    The feeling was great, still buzzing!

    Hope all is well with you.


  • SCARY!!! :O But great grad blog Dale!! Enjoy the rub down, the glory bathing and any kisses coming your way! ;) Oh, and enjoy running and living!!! Life begins at 5k......

    Welcome to the Grad Club :)


  • Thanks Sue, one foot in front of the other.

    All the best


  • Congratulations, 1-9! Here's to the rest of your running life. Go live it! ;-)

  • Thanks Swanscot.

    All the best


  • Was looking for this earlier...well done you! Congratulations and virtual kisses sent over the airwaves xxx

  • Cheers Khrissy.

    All the best to you.


  • Woo hoo well done to you, now go grab life and really live it :-) Congratulations

  • Thanks Rolphie.

    All the best


  • Brilliant well done Dale! Celebration is indeed upon you now...

  • Cheers Runningwild.

    Hope your well.


  • Very well done for graduating and a brilliant blog!

  • Thank you Shinjin.


  • Awesome and congratulations!. Hope you don't mind if I steal a bit of your good cheer, seems you have plenty to go around. :)

  • Please grab what you need and thank you.


  • Dale ...you did it ... fab news, look forward to seeing your green grad badge :)

  • Congratulations, Dale - you did it! I love your thinking about living again, not just getting up etc. - all power to you there :) Enjoy the rub down and be proud of those pert glutes :D

    Annie x

  • Thanks Annie, the mindset is now most definitely changed!

    All the best


  • Excellent well done


  • Thank you Catherine, nice to see your journey is going great guns.

    All the best


  • Very funny blog - congratulations, even more so considering you did it through manky winter weather! Enjoy your running - I know you will!

  • Thanks Suki, though the treadmill did help somewhat...lol!

    All the best


  • Very well done to you! And thanks for cheering me up this morning ready to set out on week 6 run 1...

  • Thank you Petal, hope your run went well?


  • It was actually quite hard. Then I read some previous comments on week 6, and many people have found this. It was very cold too, which didn't help. I'm also feeling a bit pressured with thoughts that soon there will only be long runs - 'what on earth am I doing this for?' etc. But I have every intention of completing to graduate, then maybe I'll remember why I started this lark!

  • Very well done! That'll be me Saturday - woohoo!

  • Come on the Gingers!!

    Thank you


  • congrats - when I reached the end of that final run, in the dark, in January I was so high I made like an aeroplane and whooped my hied off. Still not as fast as you though - damnit

  • Thanks runner45 , I ran for 30 mins then on till 5k done.

    30:00 still a way off...but hey I'm loving the journey.

    All the best


  • Brilliant blog brilliant graduation. Well done Dale. Hats doffed I bow down low. Welcome to green badge land! :)

  • Congratulations Dale, but please keep blogging as you are soo funny :) Here's to the rest of you wonderful life after 5K 8-)

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