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New route and 3.29miles, loved it

Well tried a new route tonight, faster 5 mins warm up and first 5 mins of run started to settle in, legs felt great but just my breathing takes time to settle into a rhythm, cold and asthma and all that jazz.

Anyway new route, fancied a change so planned a circuit, ran my wk8 28 mins plus my warm up and warm down with just a few hundred yard back home. Felt good too, could have gone on. Speed not there yet but it's coming, I never was fast lol.

Really pleased to be back out there and my mojo back.

Right, time to soak my aching calves in a hot bath :-)

Happy running all


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Sounds great - well done :) There's something very rewarding about trying out a new circuit, isn't there!

Hope the legs are still happy today...


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