Fear of a new route

So.... I'm relatively new to the forum and have found it an amazing source of inspiration and help! I've been plugging away at C25k for a while now. About to start week 7 and feeling confident as week 6 run 3 was very enjoyable. Distance wise, I have hit 5k (with the warm up/cool down) and as a result my route is no longer long enough to take me through to the full 30 mins of running. But I'm scared of a new route! I'm so comfortable in my existing route (I know where the hills are for example!) that I feel it's another mental challenge to get over. Is it just me or is this something others can relate to? Any advice gratefully received!


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  • I do know what you mean, for me it's finishing my run too far away from home and having a long walk back especially if it's cold. Do you have one of the tracking apps like Runkeeper or Map My Run? Then you can plan where to go, and then it's lots of fun! You might even find you prefer a different route, you never know until you try..

  • Thanks Curlygurly, I don't have Runkeeper so may try that. I shall update in due course!

  • i did find the same as you , so i just ran up and down the same bit to get the extra time/distance , i stuck with my familiar route until i graduated , can get dull on the same route all the time,

    using mapmyrun etc can be fun to find new routes etc , do you have any local parks or country parks you could go to? I think someone even suggested running around the local supermarket car park or retail park ..

  • Hi Slow_Rob, I have ended up doing exactly that - running up and down to get the extra time! Its a little soul destroying (not to mention the embarrassment factor as the end of my route happens to be next to a rather busy bus stop!)

    There are parks nearby but I would have to drive to get to them and I'm a big fan of just puttng my running togs on and opening the front door. I have some nice woodland areas that will become future routes when the days are a bit longer. Think I will research using Mapmyrun or Runkeeper - thanks!

  • Roll on the spring Landers :) woodlands sound ideal and running on different levels etc is supposed to be good for you :D good luck with all your runs :D

  • I used to do that too - up and down the same bit of road particularly in the icy weather when most of my usual roads were icerinks. I run down towards the next village now, and turn round and run back when I get half way through my allotted time or distance.

  • Why don't you walk a new route first so you can get an idea of what it's like before you run it. It's good to have different routes as it keeps the run interesting and there's something new to look at!

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