Couch to 5K

New shoes, new route

Wk 7 R1 this morning. Who'd have thought it!

Having spent a good 20 mins trying to get my new trainers laced up to the correct tension (too loose and my heel rubs and too tight so I cut off the circulation in my left foot!) I set off in the sunshine. Inspired by my new comfy trainers I left the safety of the field and set off along the cycle paths and pavements of NW london.

25 mins later, bright pink, sweaty and puffy I was left wondering how a circular route could possibly be 90% uphill (ok so they're long gradual inclines but I'm really very unfit). Did I stumble into an Escher drawing in a parallel universe somehow?

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The long inclines are sent from hell. Avoid em for now as they're soul destroying

Well done for getting out there though!


...and I bet the wind was against you all the way round too! :-)

nice post inspirus!


It's funny how we never notice these inclines prior to starting running. I have so many gentle 'hills' around here that I would have sworn were flat a few months ago.

Hope the nooo shooos serve you well.


inclines otherwise known as nursery hills , hard work when you start out but should become your friend further down the line :D


I notice slight inclines turn in to substantial hills after about 15 minutes of running! Odd isn't it?! Anyway, another run to tick off Inspirus, so worth it all the same. Well done.


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