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"On the contrary", replied the demons "in your face, loser"

So following my last blog where I had slayed my demons, I went out today and, determined though I was, failed (again). I knew from about the first minute that I was going to struggle more than last time but mentally prepared myself for a hard time and kept pushing on. There is a hill, not steep but about quarter of a mile long, that coincided with the 12 1/2 min mark. At the top of the hill I just stopped and that was that I could not get my legs to run anymore. I managed another 3mins or so after a brief break but I was beaten the moment I had stopped that first time.

So there we go, I seem to have been stuck around week 6 and 7 for ages now but I am resolute and will push on if it takes all year to get to week 9. I know I can do it but on the right day in the right mood, today was not one of those days! tomorrow, I know, will be..........

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Damn those demons!! Loser?? I don't think so.

And those slopes! Is there any way you can vary your route to miss it out? I have one on my route which I avoided until only the last couple of weeks and I'm still finding it very tough.

Well done for getting to the top, and for continuing for that extra 3 mins - I don't call that failure! And it really doesn't matter if you have to stop for a breather, just get going again as soon as you feel able to, finish the run and move on to the next one. Don't get bogged down with thinking you have to do every run non-stop. It's just putting extra pressure on you and possibly affecting your mental outlook.

Good luck for the next run!


Doing another 3 mins and thinking you failed!! Good God no!

You caught your breath and did what you had to do.

Bloody well done!

All the best



Agree with the others!

Slopes make a whopping big difference.

You win! :)


Oh, and, apparently the way to deal with hills is to slow down (my favourite!) - not slower steps, but shorter steps, so you end up putting in the same effort as on the flat, but you move slower overall, just like changing gears on a bike. It's still harder than the flat (because you've got to physically move your body vertically) but it does make hills do-able. As you get fitter, you can move faster up slopes, if you want to.


Ah, the voices in your head (as I call them) telling you that today's run is going to be rubbish/you're not going to make it/what are you doing/you look ridiculous - all I can say is that while they're still there, I've found my own voice that says "Yeah, whatever, I'm still going to run anyway ..."


Thanks all you wonderful people. Todays run was a succsess so I am back on track, and actually looking at this not as a failure but as a bonus run ;0)


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