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C25K I'm Starting today.....anyone else a newbie?

Hi. I'm starting today, a friend has just told me about the programme and it seems great. I'm more than a little nervous and frightened of not being able to suceed but you know what, I'm giving it a go. I have a few motiviating factors....a wedding dress in 9 weeks time. Currently clothes that are too tight, too much stress and a high BMI (39) which needs to be lower (35) prior to IVF.

So my plan of action is to go to the shop straight from work, get some headphones. Go home and straight out for my first run. I had planned to go to the gym tonight (first time in ages) but I think I will do the gym on my first rest day.

My friend who told me about this is about 6 weeks in, he has lost 11lbs and is the least stressed I have seen him in ages....Thanks Matt.

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Good luck, stick to it and you will be able to succeed! The hardest part is starting.


Welcome to the forum and to the start of your running "career"! ;) You will get the bug in no time and there is nothing better than going for a run to de-stress! You have lots of motivation to keep you going (hope the wedding plans are going well) and a friend to encourage you too, thats great! Plus you will get tons of encouragement here so keep posting about your runs.

You have the right attitude and a plan so you will be just fine! Best of luck for tonight :)



Welcome and Good Luck. I'm sure your friend has told to take it steadily and slowly and you will be fine - it really is the way to go.

If you are looking to this to help you with weight loss then before you go out tonight make sure you take your measurements, sometimes people find the wieghtloss takes weeks to start showing on the scales BUT the inches/cms come off fairly soon as you start to tone up.

Best of luck with everything.


im not a newbie but hello and welcome!!

you've a load of incentives to keep you going havent you!! and im sure you'll do absolutely great.

like Annie says - with the weight, dont expect it to be quick, that takes a little time although you soon do notice changes in your body shape etc. As for health, Im in it for that reason, not vanity, and Ive seen a great improvement in my blood pressure and mental attitude :-)

get out there for your first run, no pressure, and dont go too fast.

let us know how you get on!!

best of luck

ali :-)


Thanks very much everyone. I will try not to look at the scales but they are what the consultant will look at. But I'm certainly feeling a lot more positive about this than I have done for a long time. :)


Good luck! Don't be put off if you find the first run difficult. For me, it was the toughest but I promise it gets easier after so stick in there and don't be afraid to go slow (I go very slow and into week 7 now). Never in a million years did I think I would be able to run for 5 mins but I surprise myself each week and did a full 25 mins last night!!! You can do it! :-)


Welcome!!!! For me, the scale went up in numbers but I am wearing smaller sized clothing. Running will help you so much de-stress after a day of work and wedding planning! Wishing you a fantastic C25K journey! :-) Gayle


Hiya and a very warm welcome to the most enthusiastic and supportive forum on the web! I'm not a newbie either: currently halfway through week 6 of the programme and have been doing it for about 9 weeks now ... So you see not everyone completes 3 runs a week. I'm an overweight oldie with a high BMI which I am determined to lower before retirement.... as I want to live long and healthily with my hubby of 41 years so far! Lots of luck with your challenges, be kind to yourself and remember this is not a competition against anyone/anything .... except perhaps your own will power! You have some noble and exciting aims. I wish you every success in achieving all of them.... Start with getting out today and that's the first step to a new life and health for you. Lots and lots of luck too :) BTW, I haven't yet lost an ounce BUT I have just bought some skinny jeans 2 sizes smaller than the ones I bought in the January Sales! And 'skinny' ... I've not been skinny since I was 12, yeeehaaa Linda :D


Congrats on setting out on your C25K journey and welcome!

You'll definitely see an improvement in your general figure over the course of the next 9 weeks... don't worry too much about the scales, as muscle weighs more than fat. Your consultant will know that!!! Keep a check on your measurements instead, say once a fortnight... :-)


Running is great for de-stressing, once you've worked out that running slowly is a good thing - very slowly, while your legs, heart and lungs get used to all the new things you're asking of them. Getting to the end of c25k is really good for having confidence in yourself to be able to do things that you thought you couldn't.

It's life-changing - welcome to the journey! :)


HI, I am a newbie also just started today and I also went through IVF treatment many years ago. The whole process can be very demanding and stressful and I am sure running will help you through all your future plans. Small steps and good luck


Thanks, I have come down with a cold so I am delaying my start a few days.


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