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Snow, snow - when will you go??

Snow, snow - when will you go??

Thanks for all your kind comments on my last blog - this forum is so friendly *smiles*.

I don't know about anyone else but in my little corner of the world it has been quite snowy and I didn't fancy a run in the sludge and I also had to work so my pencilled in run was erased from my plans; I got up today with all good intentions & opened the curtains to .... yes, more snow! I am sick of snow! So instead of a run I've cleaned, I've cooked, I've ironed etc. After a bit of a rush of an afternoon I ended back up at my 'dealer', Sports Direct, taking back my running shirt from a few days ago as it broke! I know! The long sleeved shirt had a pocket on the sleeve but when I opened the zip to hold my key in the pocket it went kaput! I took the shirt back & the suitably unimpressed shop assistant eventually let me return it and get another one. I decided to go for the slightly thicker version this time to go over my usual dri fit tee. This blog does get round to the running bit I promise .....

I came back home & randomly the OH & I decided to run together, this being odd as OH is a treadmill devotee & I usually run alone. My fitness isn't brilliant and OH is still on the programme (C25K) as he suffers with a hip problem so a run together seemed ideal as we are about the same level. Also a run gave me a chance to try out my new tee - suitably impressed, light to run in, but kept me toasty warm, with little thumb holes to keep my hands warm in the sleeves, I'm easily pleased!! So up we got and off we went. We ran for just shy of 3k in just short of 20 minutes. until the OH's hip started to play up as we trudged through the sludge. I was so proud of him and I really enjoyed running together, giving each other encouragement & support. He is doing so well and although he was critical of his efforts he is improving so much. The only real bad runner was the dog as he was so tired I don't think his heart was in it!

Hope everyone has had better weather & better runs.

Happy jogging folks.

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I am so ready for Spring too!!!! Nice your OH is running with you! My husband and I started C25K together and currently still continue to run together. Even though we have different paces, fitness levels etc. we make it work. Sounds like you two had a nice run even though it was so yucky out. Wishing you the best! Gayle


Its lovely to run with your OH and encourage each other, well done! Maybe he will do more runs with you outside now.....

My OH runs with me from time to time too and I like having his company and use him as my pace maker but i must admit I still enjoy my solo runs too ;)

Bring on the spring!



I love that quote!

Running with your husband sounds good. Maybe one day I'll let my OH run with me. He used to do quite a bit of running and even has a trophy (from a long time ago) :O so I'm very wary! I did ask him yesterday what the furthest was that he's ever run - 8 or 9 miles... Oh.

Mind you, as I spent half of my run today trailing 25 yards behind a dog walker, maybe I should ask OH to come out and walk along next to me instead!


Wonder if we live near each other as we've had slightly unexpected snow in the last few days too. (I'm in North Yorkshire). Too sloppy and cold / miserable for running. I'm hoping to run tomorrow. My husband has also done C25k but as he runs at lunchtimes at work we've never run together except for once, when I was getting over shin splints so was decidedly feeble!

Looking forward to warmer days too.


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